Pay attention to the main points of lamb feeding milk powder

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Next lamb more, milk is not enough, how to fill milk powder?There are a lot of tonic milk powder sheep, feeding the sheep appeared casualties, how to feed feed not alive.This is because we have problems in the process of feeding milk powder.First, choose skim milk powder.Use skim milk powder and try to get the lambs to eat colostrum in the first three days.If a colostrum does not have a lamb to eat, the probability of feeding on milk powder to live is almost zero.Because the immunoglobulin in breast milk can’t replicate.Milk powder can replicate nutrients, but it can’t solve the immunity ewe gives to lambs.After three days, we supplement the milk powder, every two to three hours, four to five times a day, each time 20 ml, no more than 30 ml.Do not make up too much, when the baby lamb is born, the first three days of milk is very little.The temperature of milk should be 40 degrees, and the temperature of milk powder should be cooled to 55 degrees to 60 degrees with boiling water.Above 60 degrees, vitamins are damaged.Put it in the fifties, then go to the milk powder.And then when you go to feed the sheep, you can basically drip on the back of our hands at about 40 degrees and feel a little bit warm, and that’s the first three days.On the seventh day, every three to five hours, about four hours, feed once, also three to four times a day, each time 30 to 50 ml, water and milk powder ratio is one to seven.You have to pay attention to that. You have to pay attention to the stomach. The stomach of the lamb is 80% full.Never feed yourself well.Feed too solid, there will be a series of problems such as indigestion.How to feed 80% full?With our skillful hands you feel the belly of the lamb, feel there is food inside the line.These are the three key points of milk powder feeding.The first choice, the second is the right amount of control, and the third is the temperature time, from 2 to 3 hours in the early stage, to 3 to 7 hours in the late feeding.So we go from feeding 20 to 30 milliliters to feeding 30 to 50 milliliters, and that’s the key, the temperature of the milk powder and the temperature of the milk.Milk powder at 50 degrees, then feed the sheep at 40 degrees.Feed less often.Learn technology well, raise good sheep, reduce disease and casualties.Pay attention to me, let you breed more relaxed, we can also read the article in front of me, will be helpful to your rural production and life.