Qi Yang’s rime, be sure to see hang bang Mountain

2022-06-13 0 By

Want to know more wonderful content, come to pay attention to qi Yang to discover the weather of these days, it is not satisfactory really, a word “cold”, it is my personal experience.In the afternoon, my friend went to hang bang Mountain to see the rime, record the real scene sent to me, the first glance of feeling, really too beautiful!Spring has arrived, can see a rime, is also the meaning of life!When you go to Guangbang Mountain, you will be fascinated by the ice hanging by the roadside!Because, we are on the road, see not only a scenery, but also a mood!There are a lot of pedestrians on the road, climbing mountains and mountains, just to see a rime, record the most beautiful moment!Sometimes, I wonder what kind of life is most meaningful!I gave myself an answer!That is to keep the love, go to the mountains!One hundred years of life, such as a blink, can record their own life, see the dribs and drabs, a flower and grass, a year old a withered glory, this is the mark of time.A road of its own belong to your scenery, greeted will be blooming.With a little desire in your heart, you will have a good time.When you see the mountain is the mountain, see the water is the water, poor life, you pursue, leaving only memories in my mind!One day, when you are old and looking back on your life, the path you have taken and the scenery you have seen will inevitably turn up the corners of your mouth.Because the road you have walked through in this life, the scenery you have seen, the people you have met, are the most proud of your life!# Qiyang Discovery #