Qin Xiaodong, deputy district governor, went deep into the dongshe street to investigate the reconstruction of the city edge (middle) village and the construction of the Taixin integrated economic zone

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On the afternoon of March 14th, Qin Xiaodong, deputy head of the district government, went deep into the dongshe street to investigate the reconstruction of the city edge (middle) village and the construction of the Taixin Integrated economic zone. The natural resources Bureau of the district, the district urban reform Office and the dongshe Street were mainly responsible for the accompanying investigation.He line successively deeper Ge on current ditch village, village street municipal road ShangZhuang Village site, Yuan Jiazhuang site, south village, village and gypsum mine PengGai project site, the detailed listen to (the) village renovation edge areas, turn shantytowns into new housing areas progress as well as a property building construction situation, understand the difficulty of the work of the process, listen to the opinions and Suggestions.After the investigation, he line associated with the street had an informal discussion is responsible for the comrades to communicate, one by one to comb a communal land, capital of reform and transition cost distribution and property settlement, etc., to accelerate the street east club () in the village transformation, edge active integrate too Xin integrated economic zone construction puts forward constructive guidance.Qin Xiaodong stressed that dongshe street, as the pacesetters of the construction of taixin integrated economic zone in the whole district, shoulders great responsibility and mission, facing great pressure and difficulties, must grasp the difficulties, seize the opportunity, prepare for a tough battle, and strive to cultivate opportunities in the crisis and open a new bureau in the changing situation.One is to find out the family background, accurately grasp the current situation of the land, the funds needed for reconstruction and resettlement area, for the next stage to carry out investment and seek a solution to lay a strong foundation.The second is to really understand the policies, in-depth interpretation of the latest policies for the reconstruction of urban (middle) villages and the construction of new urbanization projects, and actively strive for municipal policies and financial support.Third, continue to make efforts to overcome difficulties, focus on the target tasks, rise to the challenge, and work for a long time. Speed up the construction of relocated buildings, strengthen the supervision of construction quality, and ensure that villagers can relocate as soon as possible.At the same time, we should take advantage of the situation to actively integrate into the overall situation of the construction of taixin Integrated economic zone, and highlight the responsibilities and actions of Dongshe in boosting the reconstruction of urban (middle) villages, the launching of shanty reconstruction projects and the implementation of industrial projects.