Zhangzhou (Longwen) Digital Economy Talent Training College is included in the “14th Five-Year plan” of Zhangzhou

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Minnan network – February 14 (minnan network reporter Liang Zheng correspondent Long Wenxuan article/photo) recently, zhangzhou (yong man area) digital economy personnel training college construction project has officially listed in the zhangzhou “difference” business development planning “, this project is located in zhangzhou cross-border electricity (digital trade) incubation park, dominated by yong man district government,Longwen District Commerce bureau, Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and Zhangzhou Digital Economy Development Service Company jointly undertook.With an initial investment of 2.5 million yuan, the project is equipped with 1 large-scale training room, 1 practical operation training room, 3 training rooms, data storage system, intelligent system, platform software development and other hardware and software facilities.After the completion of the project, it is planned to hold one digital summit, two large-scale digital economy training sessions, 20 online and offline training sessions, 100 training enterprises and more than 3,000 personnel of various kinds every year.It is reported, in the province, city commerce and with guidance and support from people club department, joint training college of zhangzhou city vocational college, university of alibaba, taobao, Hugo cross-border, practise divination education, etc., and jointly create a running qualification of the digital economy talents training center, is committed to explore “reservoir type”, “customised”, the combination of public and commercial cultivation incubation model,Cultivate a group of high-level e-commerce and new media talents, a group of benchmarking new business application enterprises, and then affect the derivative development of information technology, software development, cloud computing and foreign trade comprehensive service platform related industries.At the same time, according to the development idea of “training-incubation-application”, through the development of “virtual registration”, the effect of external introduction and internal training in the training park can be expanded.It is reported that the college has been rated as “High-skilled talent training base” by Zhangzhou Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security. Since this year, it has held a digital summit, carried out 4 training sessions, trained 165 enterprises 224 person-times, and registered 27 virtual enterprises.As the key project of digital economy of Longwen District in the next five years, it will serve as the key carrier of implementing the development of digital economy and industrial talent reserve, and lay a foundation for promoting the “chain building, chain extension and chain repair” of regional new economy and helping to build billions of industries.Source: Minnan.com