Another reason to skip a job in exchange for a “private date” with a beautiful woman?Don’t be a sucker!

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Recently, the peach trap “iteration” upgrade, the occurrence of many victims in many places in the country after browsing the yellow website by fraudsters to download “about sex” APP, said to complete the brush single task on the APP in exchange for the opportunity to recruit prostitutes, in the double drive of sex and gain, the victim is easily deceived.Real case Qin Yuan office Liang mou received a pornographic SMS, its click the link below the page to download the APP.After Liang registered and logged in, customer service contacted him and said he needed to pay 38 yuan to become a member to improve the service.After the payment, Liang was asked to follow the authenticator and complete the guessing recharge task in the APP to improve the service. He had charged 13,743 yuan for betting, but when he saw that he could not withdraw cash, he felt cheated.Zhou mou saw online about gun advertisement, click after downloading a called “teanlai international” APP, customer service contact said to do three single tasks can provide about gun service, Zhou mou believed, just began to recharge the amount of small can withdraw cash, customer service said because Zhou mou bet wrong, need to continue to recharge to withdraw cash.Zhou mou is induced in the other side to top up a lot of pen again, the other side still stops its withdraw with all sorts of reasons, Zhou Mou just reaction comes over to be cheated, loss 50 thousand yuan.Methods analysis (1) Fraudsters in the major social platforms to release information on pornographic websites or free sex, said that they can provide a variety of “services” to induce victims to download apps.(2) After downloading the APP, the victim will be contacted by a customer service person who says they need to register an account to buy a package before they can use the APP. Generally, the victim has fallen into the trap after selecting the package.③ After the purchase of the package, customer service will let the victim receive brushing, betting task, and said that “there will be a mentor led, the package can earn a loss can also exchange for beauty free door opportunity”…(4) the brush is the traditional single fraud, the long, let the victim two single brush, make a few, one hundred, with brush single amount is bigger and bigger, the rebate is increasing, but the top up the money in the account could not withdrawal, withdrawal, etc., need to pay more money to thaw account until you found deceived unprofitable.”Anti-fraud center warm remind color word head a knife, do not believe the so-called” naked chat, door-to-door service “and other advertising, are false!The general public must keep themselves clean, observe the law and discipline, and beware of being cheated.Do not randomly click on the website links sent by strangers, scan strange TWO-DIMENSIONAL code, download unknown APP, not to mention online brushing orders, gambling.