A beautiful short cat “pure or not pure”, see these several characteristics know, string together can not be put out

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Beautiful short cat because of cute appearance, loved by many people, and more and more people choose to raise it, so how to know the beautiful short cat “pure”?If you look at these traits, they don’t fit together.1, the head has an M pattern if it is a purebred short cat, there will be an M pattern on its head, which is particularly clear, and its upper coat color is gray, is a crown pattern or argyle.If your cat has an “M” on its head, you’re a purebred.2, necklace lines purebred beautiful short cat, it will have a coherent necklace line under the neck, where the lines are very clear, no other miscellaneous lines.Owners can look at their own beautiful short cat there, there is a necklace is purebred cats.3, mainly for the yellow green eyes pure breed of the United States short cat, its eyes color is yellow green, eyes are round and big, and around the eyes and black eyeliner, looks more sexy.4, the forehead is flat if your beautiful short cat has a flat forehead, a round head, and a special abundance on both sides of its cheeks, such a beautiful short cat is purebred.5, healthy purebred cat, its body will be very strong, and front legs shape stand O, if your cat standing OXI is purebred.6, belly will have symmetrical black dot pattern pure breed beautiful short cat, its belly above will have more than two rows of symmetrical black dot pattern, black dot size consistent clear symmetry.7, nose is brick red pure breed beautiful short cat, its nose is brick red, around it is a black nose line, from the side is curved, not straight.8, paw front is 5 behind 4 purebred beauty short cat, its front legs should be 5 toenails, hind legs are 4 toenails, before and after the sole of the pad is black, the sole of the hair is also black.Feeding suggestions: 1, now a lot of cats are domestic, beautiful short cats basically stay at home, so the owner should pay attention to keep a clean living environment, often clean the dust in the corner, so that the cat will live a healthy life.2, although the body of the American cat is better, less sick, but the owner should regularly take the American cat vaccination, can enhance its resistance.3, the beauty of the cat is lively and active, very loyal to the owner, and its IQ is very high, the owner can give the cat to do some training at ordinary times, so that the cat can learn to help the owner.4, the United States short cat in the aspect of eating, do not love picky food, generally what the owner gives it, it will eat what, although the United States short cat can eat anything, but the owner still do not give the cat to eat human food, because human food is too salty and oil, is not conducive to the health of the cat.Conclusion: is your beautiful short cat purebred?