Blackskin information: 3C1 Fukuoka Hornets VS Iwada Joy Gamba VS Kashima Antlers

2022-06-17 0 By

001 Fukuoka Hornets VS Iwada joy Fukuoka Hornets in the last season achieved the 8th place, performance better than expected, this season foot change is not big, is expected to continue to work;Today’s game against the return of the joy of the Iwada, can still see the high line.Iwada mountain leaf last season won the day b champion, this season promotion class, three line strength has been strengthened;But it takes time to establish a tacit understanding, this field should not be overestimated.The two sides have played nearly 2 times, each winning 1.3 Hiroshima Arrows ranked 11th last season, the whole season performance is stable, but the new season coach selection is still changed;The new coach has no experience of teaching Japanese teams, so he may not be able to adapt immediately. Tochi sandstone, who is not bad in this game, is not worth supporting even if he plays at home.Ornithological sandstone last season to obtain the seventh place, the performance is very ideal;But this season by the name of the unknown new shuai to take over, remains to be seen.The two armies are equal in their performances in the match, and the state is not enough to take the “goal” first.The two sides played nearly 2 times, all draw.Black skin recommendation: small score, let -003 Gamba Osaka VS Kashima Antlers Osaka gamba last season only achieved the 13th place, performance plunged;But this season foot change is not big, today’s game even if the home attack, against last season’s performance of good Kashima antlers, should not look too high.Kashima Antlers last season won the fourth, the high-level feel satisfied;But this season by the new coach at the helm, must be adapted to, but the team’s strength roughly maintained, and the recent performance of the advantage, today’s game was not surprised, can also take “goal” small.The two sides nearly 2 times, Kashima Antlers win.Black recommended: small score, let win, let even