Pingjiang County Hanchang School: home visits warm people’s hearts, care and promote responsibility

2022-06-17 0 By

Huasheng online March 15 news (correspondent Yu Sisi Ye Gang) “thank the teachers for their concern, we will support the work of the school with full cooperation.”On the evening of March 9, near the Linjiang community, Tianyue Square, Pingjiang County, Yueyang City, a student named Xiaohui’s grandmother holds the hand of a visiting teacher of Pingjiang County Hanchang School, yueyang City, to express her gratitude and say goodbye to her teacher.Dark night, the cold wind, but this did not affect the pace of teachers home visit.Bid farewell to the students xiaohui home, the teachers and non-stop to visit the next one.This is an epitome of the school’s active home visit activities for all teachers.It is reported that the students of Hanchang School are mostly the children of migrant workers, while left-behind children account for a large number. In order to strengthen the home-school connection, hanchang School has actively organized all teachers to carry out home visits under the leadership of the moral Education Department of the school recently.Home visits are mainly in the form of home visits, with the head teacher as the main, the teachers as the auxiliary, the school administrative cadres involved, and groups, sections, classes, and people involved.In order to ensure the smooth progress of home visits, the school made plans and contents of home visits in advance. Teachers made full preparations and made appointments in advance to visit the home visitors one by one at noon and evening.The homeroom teachers and teachers walk into students’ families and communicate with students and their parents “zero distance”.In face-to-face communication, feedback the teachers students thought, learning situation, and overall performance, detailed master family education situation of students and parents know their children at home homework, preview, reading, exercise, sleep and so on various aspects, widely solicited parents opinion of school education teaching and school management and the suggestion.Parents are encouraged to communicate with teachers and schools in various forms to strengthen home-school cooperation, form joint educational forces, and train their children better.At the same time, remind parents to take the responsibility of supervising the safety of students and ensure the safety of students.The parents were moved by the teacher’s visit and said they would actively cooperate with the school.Home visits shorten the distance between teachers and parents, let children feel the love of teachers, let parents feel the warmth of the school.The links between schools and families and between teachers and parents have been strengthened.The main person in charge of the moral education department of Hanchang School said that the school would take this visit as an opportunity to create a moral education atmosphere in which all staff care for students and educate students, further promote the construction of teachers’ ethics, strengthen the sense of service of teachers, improve the level of teachers’ education and establish a good image of education.