Qinyuan County: Strawberry bloom Fucun Road

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Yellow River news Network Changzhi news (reporter promotion) industry, rural revitalization is hopeful.In recent years, Qinyuan County has been accelerating the cultivation and expansion of excellent industries such as potato, strawberry and Traditional Chinese medicine, continuously consolidating the achievements of poverty alleviation and effectively driving the people to increase their income and become rich.In particular, in combination with the rural revitalization strategy, measures taken according to local conditions, in accordance with the development ideas of scale, characteristic, green and brand, vigorously develop the characteristic agriculture of strawberry, relying on the Haole strawberry demonstration base to radiate the whole county, leading the surrounding to form an industrial group, and creating qinyuan green strawberry brand.Today, strawberry industry is increasingly becoming the county’s transformation and development and characteristics of one of the rich people’s industry.Strawberry planting base in Youyi Village, Qinhe Town, Qinyuan County The strawberry planting base in Youyi Village, Qinhe Town, Qinyuan County has taken shape.The base is invested and constructed by Qinyuan County Haole Strawberry Plantation Co., LTD., with a total investment of 15 million yuan.The project plans to build 70 green strawberry greenhouses, planting 750,000 strawberry plants, producing and selling 330 tons of green strawberries annually, achieving sales income of 10 million yuan. It is a strawberry planting demonstration park integrating variety introduction, soil improvement, cultivation management, picking and sightseeing.The base, which started construction in July 2020, has built 38 greenhouses covering an area of 100 mu.At present, five greenhouses have been planted, and the other greenhouses are mainly for seedling cultivation to prepare for planting next year. Up to now, the strawberries in this base have been on the market, and the annual sales income can reach 800,000 to 1,000,000 yuan.”The base belongs to Shanxi Haole Agricultural Development Co., LTD., which is the first agricultural enterprise specializing in green strawberry planting and scientific research in Shanxi Province.Since the establishment of the planting base in Yuanguantan Township, Qinyuan County in February 2012, after nine years of efforts, we have accumulated rich planting technology and standardized production mode, established a national sales network and built a platform for the whole strawberry industry chain.At present, the two bases, Hongyuan base, which is far away from home, is mainly responsible for seedling cultivation and provides seedlings for surrounding strawberry plantations.Youyi Base has convenient transportation and mainly produces and researches strawberries. It is convenient for customers to communicate, pick and purchase strawberries, which reduces transportation costs and increases income.According to yao Jiafu, agronomist of the base, the main varieties of the base are Japanese “Hongyan”, “Zhang Ji” and “xiangye” and their own research and development “Yue” and “Le Xiang”, which are suitable for the taste of Southeast Asians.In particular, qinyuan’s unique climate — a large temperature difference between day and night, such a climate strawberry growth cycle is longer, full of water, high sugar, taste particularly good.There are so many repeat customers that there are hardly enough strawberries to sell.In the greenhouse sparse flowers and fruits of the sister-wife called Shi Jinzhi, has been nearly 70 years old, she is a villager of Youyi village, she said here work is not hard, a day can earn 70 yuan, enough for 26 days have bonus, down to earn more than 2,000 yuan.It feels good to be an old man.According to Li Xiang, the head of the base, the company’s two strawberry planting bases, can solve such a labor force of more than 100 people, pay labor wages of 1.8 million yuan a year, compensation for villagers to rent more than 400,000 yuan.Agronomist Yao Jiafu said:”The next step, we will and shenzhen best orchards and bayer (Germany) and some baking association of Shanxi Province, the strawberry to qinyuan, changzhi, taiyuan, and even to the national radiation, using three to five years, built between 2000 and 3000 acres of strawberry scale plantation, to build a green strawberry cultivation base,At the same time, we will encourage more farmers to grow strawberries by themselves in the form of “companies + farmers” and make a fortune together.Inject lasting power into qinyuan’s rural revitalization strategy.”Qinyuan strawberry planting industry through nearly 9 years of experiment, research and development, and after a year of government vigorously boost, showing a full momentum of development.Cold winter, into the strawberry garden, but it is full of vitality, warm as spring, a ridge of strawberry tree green is thick, each strawberry fruit delicate and charming drops, a stream of fragrance coming, from time to time there are to pick strawberry fruit guests laughing…Strawberries are sweet and sour and bring income, hope and happiness to local people.