Shen Congwen’s novel: Wang Sister-in-law

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The kitchen suddenly lively up, ask, just know helper Wang sister-in-law’s daughter has come.Eighteen years old, bright eyes.Wear your hair in a big bun.The face is round, and the lips shrink like a small cigarette pouch.On her head was a piece of blue moon cloth, and on her white-waist apron was a large red flower embroidered, with small red and green lenses.He blushed when he spoke, and was very shy, and always seemed at a loss what to do before strangers.When I asked Wang’s wife, I found that her daughter had just been married for five months. Her husband was working in the countryside, forty miles away from Kunming, and wore the clothes of his bride.The master said, “Madam Wang, your eldest daughter is here as a guest. Fry some eggs and leave her for dinner.”Wang sister-in-law looked at the daughter smirk: “wife said to stay you for dinner, don’t go!”The daughter smiled without saying anything.Knowing that Wang Sister-in-law had a good daughter, all the family came to see her and praised her for her good fortune.Mrs Wang just smiled and did things more enthusiastically.Mrs. Wang has not only a good daughter, but also a good son!My son is 12 years old, and he has been serving in the Tea bureau in the west district of The city, earning 15 yuan a month.There was strict discipline in the bureau, and the boy was clean and handsome, dressed in a gray uniform, and walked with a stripped-down gait.She was afraid that he would not learn well, so she scolded him and pretended to be angry, and asked him to go back as soon as possible.The child, though the only treasure, was not spoiled, behaved well, and did not spend recklessly.Sister-in-law Wang had been away for business for about five months. She had been somewhere else between her master and servant, and was not on good terms with each other.The work of the family was washing and cooking, and occasionally Shouting with the country people who sold eggs and wool, all motives motivated by protecting the Lord.Personality is loyal and happy, love clean, cherish things do not waste, so in a home very effective, by a attention.When this attention was felt, it roused her pride and made her more orderly.One day, another countryman brought some beans to see His wife, and he was sobbing as he talked.When they arrived, they asked about the daughter who had been a new wife a year ago. They found out that she had died five months ago.It was the daughter’s mother-in-law.The daughter could not get help in the countryside because of childbirth. Two days after the birth of the child, the daughter was bleeding incessantly. The whole family went to the field and could not drink water when they wanted to drink.The child lived for two months and died.After such a great change, wang Sister-in-law was still everything as usual, used to stabilize her life or feelings, the original is the ancient “life and death have life, wealth in the day” eight words.She believes in the character of eight.Describing the circumstances of her daughter’s death, she said: “They were busy harvesting wheat, barley and rye, dragging wagons full of horses and carts to the fields.My daughter asked for a drink, but when she couldn’t get one, she drank from the bottom of the jar. Poor thing, she died from the pain of crying out!Dead her man cry, no coffin carried out.Oneself can want to be a strong man, draw lots to head, lead pan long temple to be a soldier!Now if nanchang, Jiangxi, fights the Japanese, life and death are at stake.”At dinner, Mrs. Wang added a bowl of fresh broad beans, which had been brought by her in-laws during the day.An in-law is a daughter’s mother-in-law.So when they talked about it, their hearts were sour, their eyes were wet, and they both thought of their daughter.Relative said for a while silent for a while.But the daughter was already rotten.His wife and daughter are dead, but his son is well.He would come to see her once a month, so he paid his wages, and his wife gave him another two yuan for petty use.There were chickens, dogs, and cats in this house like any other.Each of these creatures has a proper place in the family.All this was taken care of by His wife, like a nurseries, who cursed and drank, but with a kind of maternal affection.After the lunch was opened and the bowls were cleaned, Mrs. Wang fed the chickens and watched them eat in the courtyard.See brute bully big cock bully small hen, seem to have a little “material harm its kind” emotion, chase after that cock kick a foot, one side scold: “you a conscience bad flat hair beast, eat how much!I’ll beat you to death.”The cock still stoutly does not care, for this flat hairy beast, has known wang Sister-in-law is really a “good man”.The rooster was a foster child of philosophy professor Kim.Every morning, the little black dog in the house is in good spirits as usual, no companion can chase each other for fun, so a cock stretching its throat to crow, it seems a bit of mischief, will specially chase the cock to play.The game was, of course, rather violent, and the cock could not stand it much.So the majestic creature ran and cooed, showing that he did not approve of the joke, and hoped that someone would come to the rescue.This kind of call naturally aroused the concern of the family, but knew it was the dog’s prank, always ignored;To the real rescue after the siege, as usual only wang Sister-in-law one.At that time, Mrs. Wang might have got up and been boiling water in the kitchen. She would come out with iron tongs to drive the dogs away and run round and round with them in the yard.Perhaps did not get up, is equal to the dog to his head, will be very angry, from the room took a long bamboo out of the dog.This bamboo pole is placed in the courtyard during the day to dry clothes, and is specially collected into the room at night, ready to hit the dog.Although the dog was smart and sensible, she was quite in awe of Wang’s sister-in-law for her food, and saw that the bamboo pole wang’s sister-in-law used to beat her every day.But early in the morning, I was so lonely and spiritually interested that I would still torment the rooster and get beaten twice. Therefore, I would run to the corner to take a piss, just like a naughty boy.Despite being scolded and beaten, the dog still knew clearly that only Sister-in-law Wang cared most about it.As usual, Sister-in-law Wang feeds the dog first and then the chickens every day.When the dog is fed, he goes to sleep in the porch.When he had fed the chickens, he patted his hands to the others to show that all was done, and the chickens went to play by scratching the sand under the great Eucalyptus tree, so that they were ready to begin their business.The second half of the day is her time to wash clothes, when the weather is good, Mrs Wang is even busier.There were two large POTS of laundry in the courtyard: the old master’s, the master’s, the master’s, the master’s, the wife’s, the young lady’s, and the boy’s 12-year-old son, who worked as a servant in the tea bureau.There were plenty of clothes, but she took her time doing them.The work was never done, and it did not annoy her.While washing clothes, he sometimes sang in the tune of a local lantern, with a narrow throat and a very melodious tone.When the master heard her and asked her to sing on, he was ashamed and turned his little flat face red with shame and refused to speak again.The purpose of singing is to listen only to oneself, to hypnotize oneself, to lead oneself into a bright dream by singing.She had twelve dollars a month, while her son had fifteen. The money they earned was of no use.During the War of Resistance against Japan, rice and grain were very expensive. Even though a little income was earned, the profits increased and the profits increased. If we did not use it for five years, how much would we have?Eight years later, when his son had grown up, the director recommended him to enter the military academy. After graduation, he became a company commander and took over a new daughter-in-law.Everything was simple and concrete, which made this simple person feel healthy and happy to live in. Although the world was constantly changing, so was the human heart, and both the chickens and dogs were good and bad, the outlook on life and hopes of this peasant woman from the country to the city remained unchanged.After March the weather turned fine and air raid warnings were frequent in the city.When the alarm came, the owners of the house as usual divided into two groups, those who went out, and those who did not move.As usual, Sister-in-law Wang would smile at those who were in the most hurry and say with a smile, “Sir, here you come! Hurry! Hurry!”He said very little, but seemed to mean a lot.A little ironic, a little peevish, mostly showing that she’s not afraid.A plane flying overhead.Why not?The teachings of Confucius have an impact on this simple heart, “life and death have destiny, wealth in heaven”.Also remember a story: Huang Chao killed eight million, in the number of eight directions have the road hard to escape, not the number of doom, sit down the judge named not to accept you.Two simple words and a simple story stabilize this simple heart.At ordinary times, so work very hard, be very reliable;In times of chaos, she was not afraid, nor was there much chance of being blown up on her head.After the evacuees went out, those who did not went out still worked and read in their rooms. The courtyard was quiet, leaving Sister-in-law Wang alone.She still did her washing by a large wooden tub in a corner of the court, counting the planes in the air as she went, so as to report them to the master.Or when someone comes to the hospital, have something to say.She needed a good word or two, praise or admiration, which pleased her.Lao Jin, a philosophy professor, came to see his foster rooster at four o ‘clock in the afternoon as usual. He would bring a big pancake and sit on the stone under the eaves to feed the chicken while talking with His wife.If there is an alarm, or ask: “Mrs. Wang, are you afraid?”Know she is not afraid, he said: “Wang Sister-in-law, wang sister-in-law, you are this.That’s what it is.You have the best courage in the family!”Mrs. Wang smiled shyly, “Oh, Mr. King, you said a good thing!I’m not afraid. Life and death are determined, and wealth is in heaven!”As if he knew that he was teaching philosophy, he quoted two words of a great philosopher as a reward.Old Jin, professor of philosophy, would repeat the same two sentences: “Where is it?What is it!That’s what the sage says!”Sister-in-law wang smiled: “What the sage said is not wrong!”Although Wang Sister-in-law never out of the city to avoid air raids, but this city is really such as “life in heaven”, until now has not been bombed for the first time.Wang Sister-in-law saw only his plane in the city in circles, has not seen the Japanese plane.On May 9, the weather was particularly good, so there was an alarm, so there were thousands of people walking through the door to evacuate, and so there were people out of the house.This time it was different. About three o ‘clock twenty-seven planes flew in a queue over the market and dropped bombs on the airfield.The appearance of the day, the sound, the bombing message, synthesis in the mind of Wang Sister-in-law produces an impression.At supper he brought the soup to the table and stood at the table listening to the news.A guest asked her, “Mrs. Wang, have you seen a Japanese plane?””Twenty-seven, high too!There, the flak of anti-aircraft guns and the cluck of machine guns.Wherein, wherein, the airport is bombed.I’m not hiding, I’m not afraid.””Aren’t you?The bomb is the size of a water tank, this house can’t stand!””Blow it up and let it blow up.””You’re lucky!Children!Big girl?I can read pictures. You have a son and a daughter and a blessing.”Mrs Wang went quietly to the kitchen.The next afternoon, the weather was fine and there was no warning.About two o ‘clock, while she was washing, she was scanning the air with her eyes and ears for the direction of her plane, when suddenly the dog began to bark.The youngest boy who worked for the Tea Board had come.The boy’s face was black and his trousers were torn, and his mother had to mend them.”Fu Shou, where are you coming from?””I’m from Camely Hospital,” said the child.”What’s camry hospital doing?”The child words wrong topic: “mom, this cock good prestige, simply is a bomber.””Where were you when the alarm went off yesterday?”The boy said, “I’m in the Hedian camp.”Sister-in-law Wang was stunned.”How can you get to the airport?Didn’t the Japanese planes blow up the Hedian camp?Killing lots and lots of people.You go and watch!What’s there to see?””I have business to go.The Japanese planes came and dropped twelve bombs, seven incendiary bombs, the house burned and fell, and I was surrounded by men and feet, and three horses were blown to pieces.The machine gun went off at random.In the end I died, too. The earth buried me.Ambulance team came by bus, someone touched my heart, there is a little gas, the car loaded me to kam Mei hospital.Sleeping in a big house on a big bed, and then I woke up.They say: Ok, you wake up, what’s your last name?All right, Boy Wang, what a life. Go home.Work for the bureau?So, go back to the station.Your mother wants you!The chief wants you!I ripped my pants in a car door, and they thought I was dead!…”The child described it clearly, without any sense of fear or pleasure in the experience.Sitting by his mother’s washtub, his trousers ripped and his hands rubbed, exposing his thin legs.Wang Sister-in-law voice dumb: “yi, yi, yi, you don’t kill!You saw dead people?Saw the house fall down and burn?Did you see men and feet flying in the air?They took you to the hospital. How long did it take you to wake up?Will the chief scold you?Here, let me see your pants!”The child timidly went to her side, and she pulled up her ragged trousers and struck him three times on his thin bare buttocks.”You’re not afraid of death?I myself kill you, save to eat the Japanese water cylinder big bomb five horse split corpse!”The child smiled, for his mother’s eyes were wet.”Mother, I live, it doesn’t matter!””When you live, others die!”The boy said, “I’m not afraid of Japan. When I grow up, I want to be a soldier and fight against the Japs.”Mrs. Wang pulled her apron and wiped her eyes. “Well,” she said angrily, “go to the army! They want you to be a soldier!Crow see you think is a mouse, diao you heaven!You’re a fireman!””I’m not afraid of the Japanese!I’m gonna bring one back alive. Look.He must be caught alive. Tie him up with wire and take him home to help us farm!””You have the power to catch lampmen.””I want to grow up!I swear I will fight Japan.”Such discussions are naturally fruitless.Wang sister-in-law did not argue with the child any more, and hurried to get a needle and thread for the child to sew pants.When he took the needle and thread and sat down by the small bamboo chair, he patted the child several times, but the child felt a kind of caressing warmth and asked his mother: “Mother, are you afraid?””Duh, what am I afraid of?Heaven above us.”She looked at the sky. It was blue, with a cloud in space.Just then three old ravens flew to the high branches of the Eucalyptus tree in the courtyard and stopped. The boy clapped his hands and the ravens flew away again.When she had finished sewing her trousers, She bit off the thread with her mouth and pinned the needle into her bun. She grabbed the boy by his dirty ear and said, “You are to be a soldier.Fu Shou, can you be a soldier?”The child said nothing, but smiled happily.He thought, why can’t I be a soldier?When you grow up, you can do anything.After the child left, all the family members heard about it and thought that Wang’s wife was kind, kind and had a good life.Sister-in-law Wang said nothing but laughed with her master.In the evening, he quietly bought some incense paper and took it to the north gate to burn.She thought of her dead daughter, a bitter death, a bad life!A little sad, hid in his room to cry for a long time, did not eat dinner.No one in the family knew about it, for she was afraid of being laughed at, questioned and comforted.She didn’t need any of this.It was made in 1940 and changed to Chenggong in 1941