The new energy car has enough electricity to pull a cart of vegetables. The man complains while pushing it

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In recent years, whether it is the direction of the people or the policy direction, it shows that new energy vehicles are the mainstream of the future, and the people’s acceptance of new energy vehicles is getting higher and higher.Now trucks are also beginning to develop in the field of new energy, many domestic brands have launched electric trucks.New energy trucks can save car costs, but they cannot avoid the problem of short range and inflated range.Hebei owner Mr. Liu bought a new energy truck, usually he often drive the truck to deliver vegetables.Mr. Liu’s car opened a year later, the battery performance began to gradually reduce, before full of electricity to run more than 200 kilometers, now full of electricity after the speed of decline is faster and faster, more owners can not accept the vehicle is fully loaded state can not pull the goods.Mr. Liu bought this car to pull vegetables.Once when the car was fully loaded, Mr. Liu drove his car uphill. Due to the heavy load of the car, the car could not move when it still had 71% power.The man complains as he pushes his car while the staff member sitting in the passenger seat pushes at the back of the car.The main function of the truck is to pull goods, new energy vehicles can not pull the goods on the car under the state of full load, it is really funny to say.Some netizens questioned whether the truck was overloaded because it could not pull the cargo.The car’s owner, Surnamed Liu, said there were 1,500 kilograms of vegetables in the car, far less than the vehicle’s load standard.It seems that when the car is fully loaded, it doesn’t work because there is too much on board, but because the car is weak.Mr. Liu said the battery was very durable when he first bought the car, and there had never been a similar problem. Now the battery life is reduced, the range is shortened, and even the slope can’t go up under the full load, which makes people helpless.Zhang, a car owner in Shandong province, said he bought a new energy car last year and charged it every three days when he first bought the car. Now he has to charge it every day in the cold winter.When his job changed and he had to travel far, Mr. Zhang had to get up at 5 a.m. to charge his car for an hour before leaving.Many car friends have encountered similar problems. The low temperature in winter will greatly affect the range of new energy vehicles. They can run more than 300 kilometers in summer and less than 200 kilometers in winter.In winter, when the temperature is low, the car owner must turn on the air conditioner when driving out, but it is faster to turn on the air conditioner.New energy owners in northeast China dare not turn on warm air in winter, and some of them wear cotton coats when driving.The problem of slow charging speed of new energy vehicles is also very tricky. Fuel cars can fill up in 5 minutes at most, and can run 500 to 800 kilometers with a full tank of fuel.The charging speed of new energy vehicles is very slow. Even if the owners use fast charging, it will take more than an hour to charge 80% of the power.Editor’s Comment: In recent years, the heat of new energy vehicles is getting higher and higher. After many owners follow the trend of buying cars, they find that new energy vehicles have a lot of shortcomings.Although new energy vehicles save fuel, they do not save money at all, and the car warranty rate is still very low.The one year old new energy vehicle warranty rate is only about 70%, the two years old new energy vehicle warranty rate is less than 50%.Before you buy a car, you must think carefully and don’t make a choice on impulse.The picture in this article comes from the network, if there is infringement, please contact to delete