Brother all day playing mobile phone, tube how to do?Why do children hate learning?

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Netizen’s question: I want to consult about my brother likes to play mobile phone, play to the kind of not study, do not know how to educate, can anyone give advice?My brother really obsessed with mobile phones, there are also part of the environment influence, everybody with mobile phones at school, so he also want to take, then brought her to the school, the teacher just yesterday they check mobile phone, let parents to their children have brought mobile phones to school, we brought, he said the truth of the parents said to school is less, basically said in the home,Then my brother the teacher checked him, let him pay phones, anyway don’t hand over, came home, we will persuade him, let him not to bring, he anyway does not agree with (chat with him in the process of, understand that a lot of people with mobile phones, the parents just help lie, only we tell him, also is to have the reason, he is angry, but I think I should tell the truth, brought is the belt).Advised later, my brother ran away from home (this is not the first time away from home, all because of mobile phones), left today hasn’t come back yesterday, how to do, his character is really don’t know how to this tube, can’t hold his (the) to stay up late playing with mobile phones and someone can give a suggestion, thank you for a long time to play 01 phone is part of the YanXueZheng.This stage is emotional weariness.We’ve dealt with families like this many times.The root cause of many adults’ inability to solve this problem is failure to identify the real problem.It’s useless to be reasonable with your phone, because playing with your phone is emotional, while being reasonable is cognitive.Just like everyone knows exercise is good, how many people can stick to it?Every time I see a comment someone said that hit the phone, really is not shallow, speak irresponsible.Did some respondents not consider the consequences of forcibly confiscating their mobile phones?I’m sorry, this may sound a little harsh, but did you think confiscating your phone would solve your problem?Naive as it may be, the inability to express emotions through mobile phones can lead to more serious psychological problems.Play mobile phone, can be understood as a kind of escape behavior, and escape after?It will only lead to more serious problems.If nothing else, relationships are bound to go wrong.There are few people who can exercise every day.In the days before cell phones, I never saw an adolescent stay at a desk and study.What game hall, skating rink, billiard room, karaoke and so on, parents all over the world to find.In the days when home computers were not popular, parents would go to Internet cafes and pull their children out.Nowadays electronic devices are popular, not only in families, but even one mobile phone per person.The hormones of adolescence determine that children will not be less aggressive.Back in the old days, school violence was not uncommon, and when it was said to hit your head, it was really hit your head.It’s not uncommon to get into a big fight over a court.Now everyone has a cell phone. All right, no need to grab it.02 Gaming addiction ≠ Boredom Many high achievers play video games well and do not get bad grades.A lot of parents come to our school weariness tube heart camp, have complained about a problem, is the child addicted to mobile phone, do not want to communicate with parents.We all cherish a sad mood to tell parents a reality they do not want to accept — not children addicted to mobile phones, it is not willing to communicate with parents, but children do not want to communicate with parents, it is taking mobile phones as a shield.Let’s make a distinction here. If the child can do his homework normally and has no problem going to school, he will have no problem playing games.And if you can not normally complete homework, and even go to school there are obstacles, truancy, truancy, the problem to solve is also the problem of weariness, rather than the problem of the game.And learning must abide by the four principles.To take an extreme example, boys learn makeup.The first principle is self-interest.The advantages outweigh the disadvantages.Well, that’s got to be good, being handsome, but also being called a pussy.So, more or less boys will have a little want to learn makeup, but not necessarily implementation.The second principle is usefulness.Does make-up work for boys?Useful, but not so useful, because of social recognition, have a good figure for boys more points, so learn to make up the boy bureau is very few.The third principle is do it.Can guys do makeup?It’s hard. A lot of guys die at this stage.Because after trying, found that their level is worse, can not do.The fourth principle is consistency.Can insist, every morning get up 30 minutes in front of the mirror makeup.Your brother learns to practice calligraphy, I guess in the first self-interest has been lost, he may not think that practicing calligraphy is more good than bad.So it’s not gonna work.Third, if your brother doesn’t have a goal, as mentioned earlier, he will do other things even if he’s not on his phone.All in all, it won’t have anything to do with positive things, and you won’t be satisfied.The point here is, you’re not happy with this state of affairs, not your brother.By not playing with his phone, he satisfies your needs, not his.A cell phone is like a bear in a child’s hand.We looked at very young children who were always holding cubs in their hands and even talking to them.If you take away the bear, the baby may cry loudly.We often see this as a normal behavior, a little bear as a transition between fantasy and reality.For kids, the cubs are imaginary friends, and it’s a great social transition.Real friends may reject children, but the bear is the imaginary friend of children, through this kind of adults seem unrealistic, the bear as a safe social carrier, can well meet children’s social needs.And then as you get older, the game gets more complicated.In war games, the desire for confrontation and competition is satisfied;In role-playing games, fulfilling the desire for a career or relationship;Love and marriage, virtual character games, may also hide fantasies about sex and marriage.In these games, children exercise their various abilities and develop their personality, and even many adults further improve their personality through games.However, if the gap between reality and the virtual world becomes too large, the child will retreat back to the game.Boys in junior high are like kids scared to go to kindergarten — clinging to their cubs to feel safe.So, as we say, gaming addiction isn’t the problem, it’s the solution.Many children lose the game or the game does not work, often will appear more serious psychological problems, insomnia, eating disorders, self-harm behavior, compulsive behavior, etc., that is not more terrible than addiction to the game?Games satisfy certain needs of children, but also reflect the inner world of children, parents in the face of children addicted to games, should find out what needs are ignored?How to help children meet such needs in reality, in order to let children from the network back to reality.About children weariness, and the tip of the doctor: ten tube heart weariness, don’t let weariness into depression.The reason why children are tired of school, just grades regardless of heart.Children tired of learning how to do?Family management is the key.Children weariness to tube heart, family tube heart camp.