Can’t see the lust of the lust demon

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Spring Festival back home, harvest an unexpected news, the village playmate “fool five” was sentenced to seven years…”Fool five”, also known as Lee Konghua, was born in ’69 and was our playmate growing up.In fact, “fool five” is not a fool, but a very clever and lively person.So he was called fool five, only at the age of 7 years old climbed a tree, fell down from the tree, broke his head, at that time more than ten stitches, some concussion, to make his reaction in the juvenile period is a little dull, later was known as “fool five”…The impression of “fool five” is not silly, but the family is too poor, their parents gave birth to five brothers, “fool five” is the youngest, several brothers have not been able to read what books!”Fool five” is even less pitiful, even primary school three years also did not finish.Hour hou “fool 5” although reaction is a bit dull, thought is lazy, but ghost idea still quite much, and courage still quite big, the thing that do is always beyond the expectation of a person!For example, when I was more than ten years old, I stole all my family savings and learned from others to smuggle myself across Hong Kong. As a result, I was repatriated by the police.However, because he was too young at that time, only 12 or 13 years old, and the rule of law at that time was quite different from today, “Fool five” did not receive any punishment, but was only informed to his parents to take back education…!Life has been commonplace for many years, in a “fool” five came to 34 years old, and I don’t know who is only 13 years old to give he introduced a new girl, this girl not only at the beginning of an underage girl, looks a little retarded, mother was disabled in the home, can’t work, there are two sisters, one by his father to do some building to support,Home scenery is also very difficult!At that time, Fool five scraped a living by soliciting people in the town and rented an abandoned dormitory of the electrical wiring factory for 80 yuan.He claims to be the old worker of electric wire factory to that first day schoolgirl, as a result of electric wire factory disintegrate, he does not have working arrangement again, but every month still has 100 multivariate allowance income.This girl itself is a minor, and take a bit of mental retardation, where to know what life on the matter!And in the days when they knew each other, the girl’s father just met with riding yao support car fall in hospital, little girls come to the hospital every day to serve his father.”Fool five” also just seize such an opportunity, said to the little girl “you don’t have to run back and forth every day, to boil what soup, come to me this pot is, no money I can borrow.”Little girls moved to the extreme, lack of education, lack of parental love of her, is naturally found warmth, so it is logical and “fool five” to live……Remember when I leave home, “fool” five already was the father of three children, big is 8 years old, the little girl has come to the 23 years old, but the day is more difficult, fool five want to pull a few guest for a living was not possible, so he bought a second-hand mixer, team ChengBaoDian floor crack, to make some money to live, but as a result of poorly equipped,As an individual, the team members fluctuate greatly, and there is no project to do. Usually, they have to rely on soliciting customers and running errands for others…More than 10 years did not go back home, did not think of “fool five” scandal, and to the neighbors lose big face, in addition to his wife away, 18 years old son jailed, and he became a rape of women, together with the 12-year-old daughter also do not let go.The verdict clearly stated, “Li Konghua, who raped XX women for many years, has confessed.”And his 14-year-old daughter accused her father of sexually assaulting her from the age of 12 for three years, inflicting humiliating injuries on her young mind…I can’t understand what kind of disease mentality “Fool five” has, nor do I know how his inhuman animal thoughts come into being, but such people can be sentenced to life or death, let alone ten years.