Conference room resource management becomes a problem to be solved

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In the current era of intelligent, enterprise conference room resource management has become a problem to be solved, traditional extensive management and manual management has not been conducive to the improvement of office efficiency.The appearance of the conference reservation system can effectively master the use of each conference room, quickly understand the conference room in what meeting, as well as the attendance and access of participants to provide an easy solution.All intelligent interaction between people and the system brings convenient, efficient and comfortable office experience for corporate office staff.What is a meeting reservation system?Conference reservation system is a set of intelligent conference room management platform, is composed of people and computers can carry out information collection, transmission, storage, maintenance and use.The conference reservation system supports Web pages, mobile phones, and wechat.The door screen of the conference room can display the information of meeting arrangement, use status and theme in real time. The conference room reservation system is a highly open and flexible system, realizing office integration. It can also connect with hardware devices such as access control and infrared sensor to achieve more and stronger expansion functions.Advantages of the meeting reservation system: It can know the situation of the meeting room at any time. It is suitable for wide area network (WAN), local area network (LAN) and wireless network and supports cross-regional enterprises.Users can know the use of the conference room at any time through the network, and according to the time, location, capacity, etc., screening, booking their own needs of the conference room, meeting room unattended management.Schedule meetings in various ways: Users can customize conference room resources and management personnel, and schedule meetings on platforms, terminals, and mobile devices. The system supports regular meetings, department meetings, and quick meetings, and applies to various meeting scenarios.Intelligent check-in statistics: Participants can check in by swiping card, scanning code or face recognition on the terminal device. The device automatically collects and uploads check-in records, and the background carries out statistics to generate summary reports, detailed reports, department summary and department detailed reports and other reports.Real-time monitoring of the check-in situation, the conference reservation system records the check-in situation in real time, the background management can view the check-in details and the information of the missing personnel, including name, department, position, contact information, etc., convenient for the meeting management personnel to contact the missing personnel in time.Synchronizing meeting information in real time: Users can select 10.1-inch, 15.6-inch, or 21.5-inch touch-screen All-in-one devices based on site requirements. The terminals display meeting information in real time, such as conference room name, meeting theme, meeting time, and meeting status, to improve the overall technology image of the enterprise.Through the management of intelligent meeting reservation system, it can help enterprises solve all kinds of contradictions and conflicts caused by meetings, and streamline and simplify the management of meeting resources.Jon-meeting, a practical meeting reservation system for space management, has been successfully installed for hundreds of housekeeping enterprises to build an intelligent meeting environment for customers.Please indicate the source of the reprinted article: