DNA tests have been completed on 132 victims

2022-06-18 0 By

On the afternoon of March 28, “March 21” National Emergency Response Headquarters of China Eastern Airlines Flight Accident held the ninth press conference in Wuzhou, Guangxi.According to introduction, at present, the technical investigation work is also speeding up, aircraft airworthiness maintenance, crew training, passengers’ luggage and cargo, air traffic control command and monitoring of a large number of text, audio and video evidence material collection, screening, summary and sorting analysis, as well as witness investigation and interview work is also in an orderly manner.The team continued to provide services and support to the bereaved families. As of 12 o ‘clock on The 28th, it had received a total of 626 bereaved families and organized a total of 809 bereaved families to pay tribute to the victims at the scene of the accident.We collected 168 appeals from the families of the victims, established a working ledger for all of them, and actively promoted their settlement.DNA comparison of 132 victims has been completed, and measures for the transfer of remains and their classification and transfer standards are being improved.People’s Daily Daily Economic news