How long can Sun Yingsha stay on top of the world?Wang Man Yu has a gap, Chen Dream is the biggest threat

2022-06-18 0 By

The International Table Tennis Federation released the latest world rankings, although Sun Yingsha lost to Chen Meng in the Olympic Games, lost to Wang Manyu in the World Table Tennis Championships, but she still with their own more stable performance smoothly reached the top success, become the first after 2000 world No. 1.How long can Sun Yingsha stay no. 1 in the world?Who can impact Sun Yingsha?I believe this is a lot of Sun Yingsha fans are concerned about the topic, we will analyze it in detail from the following three aspects.First, Sun Yingsha’s lead score rules were adjusted, and the original score ratio was reduced to 20%. Sun Yingsha succeeded in overtaking Chen Meng.Sun Yingsha currently leads Chen Meng 405 points, leading Wang Manyu up to 2,500 points or so.Said the three points between the gap, say the composition of the three points, which is conducive to more clearly explain the advantage of Sun Yingsha.Chen Meng, Sun Yingsha participated in the Olympic Games, Wang Manyu did not participate;World Table Tennis Championships, Wang Manyu, Sun Yingsha entered the final, Chen Meng did not;WTT World Cup final, Sun Yingsha won the women’s singles champion, Wang Manyu encountered a swim, Chen Dream again failed to reach the final.Contrast Wang Man Yu, Sun Yingsha more than a silver medal in the Olympic Games 1400 points, which makes wang Man Yu did not participate in the short term difficult to surpass.Compared with Chen Meng, Sun Yingsha’s advantage lies in the stability of results.At this stage, the situation of women’s table tennis is very clear. Chen Meng, Sun Yingsha and Wang Manyu should be the top three in the world, and there is a winner among them.In terms of technical strength, before the Paris Olympic Games, this situation is basically not likely to change, Chen Meng, Wang Manyu is Sun Yingsha’s biggest competitors.As the country ping three core main force, the three basic equal opportunities to participate.Did not participate in the Olympic Games singles, WTT World Cup encountered a round of swimming, which makes wang Manyu at this stage and Chen Meng, Sun Yingsha points gap is relatively large, in the short term, it is difficult to cause too much threat to the above two in the rankings.Sun Yingsha can really make threats in the rankings of the players or Chen Dream, the two rankings will play more and more intense.3. Facing the impact, Sun Yingsha needs to determine the coach in charge as soon as possible to stabilize her performance. After the National Games, Huang Haicheng left the National team, and Sun Yingsha entered the vacuum period without the coach in charge.Although Sun Yingsha in the performance is still very stable, but in the key race distance champion or poor breath.Lost to Chen Meng, Wang Manyu, and even Liu Shiwen, this and Sun Yingsha did not have a coach is a certain relationship.Losing to Chen Meng and Wang Manyu in a row, Sun Yingsha is in urgent need of a victory to break her mental bottleneck at this stage.If continue to lose, it is easy to affect sun Yingsha’s mentality.Relying on stability, Sun Yingsha reached the top of the world.To stay no. 1 in the world, Sun needs to keep up her performances.Olympic Games, individual world Table Tennis championships just finished, in the short term is no international competition, this is also a good thing for Sun Yingsha.As long as she stabilizes her performance and results, she can continue to suppress Chen Meng and Wang Manyu in the points and defend the world no. 1.(I am a little brother, pay attention to me, let’s talk about the ball!)