In addition to jay Beam, it turns out that There is a god-written equivalent hidden in India

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The best Indian film of 2021 is undoubtedly Jay Beam, a soulful and touching masterpiece that has been rated 9.3 out of 170,000 on IMDb and 8.7 out of 100 on Douban.As a satirical, reflective film about Indian society, Jay Beam has generated a lot of buzz since its release, and while it is unlikely to change the constitution in the way south Korean films did, it has profound social significance as well.In addition to Jay Beam, there is actually another Indian equivalent coming out in 2021: Kanaan the Swordsman, which has a similar theme, is based on the experiences of tribes and is also based on real events.Comparatively speaking, Kanaan is not as popular as Jay Beam, but it is also a rare cinematic masterpiece, just as powerful, just as righteous, and with more intense ideas of resistance, the story is hotter, hotter, angrier.On Douban, the latest rating for Swordsman Kanen stands at 8.3, with five-star reviews accounting for the highest proportion of around 40 percent, followed by four-star reviews accounting for about 38 percent.At the end of the 1990s, there was a remote village in India that had roads but no bus stop. Buses would not stop when they passed by, and when they went to wait at the bus stop in the next village, they would often be bullied and insulted by people in the next village.When a father went out with his daughter, he went to the bus stop to wait for the bus. He was bullied by four uncles for no reason. The father could not bear it and fought with them, but how could he beat four strong men.After this incident, a man from the village named Kanen and his brothers beat the four of them to avenge their father and daughter.It is not convenient for them to go to the next village, so they wait for the bus on the road at the entrance of the village, but the bus does not stop, so they have to stop other cars when they go out, but they generally cannot stop, most of the cars will not stop, travel has become a big problem for them, but how to petition is useless.Kanan’s sister died because the bus was not willing to stop to pick her up and did not get timely treatment. Kanan’s heart has always been in a state of anger, easy to rage.A pregnant woman was waiting for a bus by the side of the road at the entrance to the village. No bus was willing to stop and take her to the hospital. Seeing the bus speeding by, a boy threw a stone at the car.The bus driver, the conductor all got off and started beating them, and Kanen saw that and picked up a stick on the side of the road and started smashing the bus, and his brothers all did the same.After the incident, the police arrived in the village and an inevitable clash broke out.The film deeply reveals the dark side of Indian society, Kanan is always being bullied, not because of anything wrong, but because they are poor people, when the police went to the village, the bus company people dropped the charges, but the police won’t let them go.The most interesting is a symbol in “Kanen the Swordsman” : the masked sister. After kanen’s sister died, she was like a wandering ghost, wearing a mask and appearing in all corners of the village, even in her father’s dreams.Kanaan is sublime, both realistic and slightly magical, and, with more dramatic conflict than Jay Beam, it’s not to be missed.