Lee Minho turns profiteer colludes with criminal organization!Drag the “most beautiful child star” into the sea to play Pachinko

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Pachinko, starring Lee Min-ho, Kim Min-ha and others, will be on Apple TV+ online, today (27) released the first photo of the album, the story is based on the world’s best-selling novel of the same name, the author of the KoreAn-American writer Lee Min-jung.It is a touching epic and a true historical witness of the cross-generational and cross-cultural vicissitude of life, the dilemma of self-identity and the deep emotions generated under the fearless national pressure during the Japanese colonial period in Korea.South Korea’s popular actor Lee Min-ho starring, incarnation and criminal organizations are linked to the powerful businessman Gao Hanshui, the heroine is a child star, has played “Zhang Yuzhen, born for love”, “The Sun of the Lord” Kim Min-ho as a girl Soon Ci, because of falling in love with a rich businessman and left home for Japan.After giving birth to her two sons, in the face of the living environment of immigrants being bullied, the family had no choice but to make a living with the gray industry small steel ball gambling game “Pachinko”. Between sacrifice and self-esteem, survival and struggle, it can be seen that immigrants have a very resilient psychological course, perseverance and sensibility coexist.Yoon Yeo-jeong, who became the first actress to win an Oscar for best supporting actress in the film Field of Dreams, appears as the aged Soon-cha.Japanese actors Koji Arai, Henai Sawai (Anna Sava) and Blue Ribbon Award best Supporting Actress Nangobu are all involved in the performance.Pachinko is The first Apple TV+ original series to be produced in three languages (Japanese, Korean and English). It was produced by a Hollywood team including The screenwriter of The hit series The Killing, Suh.Kwok Kung-tat, best known for his beautiful form and structure, co-directed and executive produced the film with Justin Chow.”Pachinko” will take the audience into the immigrant mood to experience loneliness, exile and embarrassment, but also because of the simple love and warmth of tears, the three-episode premiere on March 25, a total of eight episodes.