Maduo traffic police send Lantern Festival “warmest guardian”

2022-06-18 0 By

Qinghai Daily rong media on February 15 to protect the Lantern Festival road traffic safety, resolutely prevent road traffic accidents.On February 15, traffic police brigade of Maduo County Public Security Bureau strengthened patrol control on the road surface, especially for the snow and ice pavement caused by heavy snowfall, carrying out the work of directing and dredging, removing snow and shoveling ice, and sprinkling snow melt agent.At the same time, in view of the expressway, national highway and provincial highway, traffic accidents and snow ice road seriously, make full use of the traffic police detachment and madoi county public security bureau issued with chain, freely to vehicles drivers, and help to install the driver, the maximum guarantee the driving safety, by the vast number of drivers and the masses thumb up and high praise.Qinghai Daily client statement: the above content in addition to indicate the source of manuscripts, are qinghai Daily original manuscripts, qinghai Daily media platform all rights reserved, without written permission is strictly prohibited reprint, offenders will be prosecuted!