“Municipal Bureau of Justice” Liupanshui Judicial administrative system to achieve the administrative examination and approval of four categories of items “in one network”

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In order to further improve the convenience of handling affairs for the masses, the Municipal Bureau of Justice will implement the work in detail, thoroughly comb the lawyers related government services, according to the unified arrangement and deployment of the provincial Department of Justice, relying on guizhou judicial lawyers administrative examination and approval system, vigorously promote the implementation of the examination and approval “no meeting”, “zero running”.Organize training to improve the proficiency of business office personnel in the online approval process and enhance the capability and level of government services.The social awareness is high, the hope of the people need strong involving law firms to set up, set up branch office, full-time lawyer’s practice license, part-time lawyer’s practice license matters for four types of high frequency of administrative examination and approval in the province, one window acceptance, free net phone run tong “, a “1 + 1″ mode of administrative examination and approval (i.e. a system platform, completed within 1 working day).First, the efficiency of acceptance and examination and approval has been improved.The applicant can log in the administrative examination and approval system of Guizhou Judicial lawyers, conduct online self-examination of application materials and conditions, and call for consultation to improve the acceptance rate;If the application materials examined by the window personnel meet the acceptance conditions, they can be submitted and approved immediately. If the materials do not meet the requirements, they will be informed of one-time correction.The second is a drastic reduction in the number of runs.”One network to do” removed from the spot verification link, all materials are declared through the net, changed the past must carry paper data to the administrative service center window application, business after the completion of the original certificate and then get back the result, at least run the hall of the situation.