Ten years after Chernobyl, a swarm of giant rats attacked the research team!Is radiation really mutating?

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In the 1990s, a nine-member scientific expedition to Chernobyl was reportedly attacked by a pack of rats, known unofficially as the Chernobyl rats. Only one person survived.Finally, the authorities also gathered troops and used light and heavy weapons to eliminate the giant rats. However, there is no scientific record of the Giant rats in Chernobyl. Does the terrifying Giant rats in Chernobyl really exist?To answer that question, let’s take a look at chernobyl, which shocked the world.The Chernobyl accident occurred on April 26, 1986, at 1:23 a.m., when reactor No. 4 of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in The Ukraine of the Soviet Union exploded, followed by a fire that released large amounts of high-energy radiation into the atmosphere. It is estimated that,The radiation released by the disaster was 400 times more than that released by the Hiroshima atomic bomb.Chernobyl is considered the worst nuclear power accident in history, one of the greatest tragedies in human history, with a total loss of about $200 billion.Property losses worth mentioning in front of the number of casualties, due to the short period of time to spread out a large amount of radiation, residents around the plant to evacuate, 31 people died on the spot, more than 200 people have been severely radiation, the death toll in the next 15 years to 6-80000 people, there are 134000 people suffering from all kinds of radiation sickness for a long time,Some 115,000 people were evacuated from a 30-kilometer area and the town of Pripyat, where the plant is located, was abandoned.Rats in Chernobyl 10 years later?Since the accident, no one has dared to enter the more than 1,000 square kilometers surrounding chernobyl.In the spring of 1996, the United States, Russia and Ukraine reportedly sent a nine-member UN mission to the ruins of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant to study the ecological impact of the nuclear material spill that shocked the world a decade earlier.Scientists in full gear, hoods and protective suits go into the radiation zone to observe and sample local life.In a short time, piercing screams, a head the size of a beaver, looks like a mouse animal rushed to come out, crazy bite everything in sight, even the team of scientists are not immune, finally only one survived, and then derive the chernobyl from radiation mutation of rats.The rumor of a giant rat in Chernobyl has cast a veil of mystery over the already desolate region.Are the rumors true?Did giant rats really exist in Chernobyl?Despite the continuing rumors of giant rats from Chernobyl, many questions remain about the case.The rumors lack scientific coverage.If there are any mutant rats at Chernobyl, they would be great material for scientists to study, and scientists would not let go of this unique subject, but so far there have been no studies of chernobyl giant rats, nor have they been documented in the scientific journal Nature.Rats are supposed to be very athletic, and if there are rats, they can’t stay in the radioactive ruins.Giant rats have never been found or reported in Kiev, just 140 kilometers from Chernobyl.Some of the people who returned to Pripyat did not find any strange animals.Mutation is a long process, even with radiation, such a large population of giant rats is not possible in such a short period of time to mutate out.Even so, there are still many people who believe in the existence of giant rats, and pictures of them claiming to be mutated giant rats have been published.But even with the evidence, and without the possibility of a p-map, many places actually have “giant rats” themselves. They are not mutants, but possums, African giant rats that we rarely see in our daily lives, the largest of which can grow to be about the size of cats.In addition, the time of the legend and the “Great Wall can be seen from space”, “eating gold ants” and other rumors slightly coincide, so the legend is likely to be related to the social atmosphere and artificial stunt.These suspicions suggest that the chernobyl rat story was probably fabricated.As for the presence of other strange creatures in Chernobyl, we don’t know until we get definitive evidence that no one has actually seen them.The reason for the chernobyl rat rumor, with the disaster level of nuclear radiation leakage related.In science fiction movies, radiation always makes creatures bigger and more aggressive, like Godzilla or George the Gorilla in Rampage.But the truth is that radiation does change parts of an organism’s genetic material, but the direction of the mutation is random, and it’s not like the contaminated organism gets bigger, stronger and uglier like in the movies.The vast majority of mutations are destructive, meaning that the vast majority of mutations directly cause or hasten the death of the organism.They are more likely to mutate into smaller, shorter lives and poorer health as a result of radiation exposure.And the nature of radiation is all kinds of radiation, these radiation contains huge energy, can damage the DNA of an organism and cause mutations, imagine, a creature’s most critical genetic material is destroyed, it can live long?It’s a bit like giving birth to deformed children, with a significantly reduced ability to survive, let alone pose a threat to humans.Rats are no exception. Most rats are exposed to radiation for a long time and are unlikely to survive, even if a rat does mutate in the direction of becoming larger.Chernobyl rats are unlikely to exist, but the effects of the disaster are still lingering.What is the nature of nuclear radiation that is so terrible?How does it harm living things and the environment?Radiation is also known as radiation, it exists in all substances, the essence of radioactive substances in the form of waves or particles emitted a kind of energy, mainly including α, β, γ three kinds of rays, although we can not see their existence with the naked eye, but contains a great deal of energy.A small amount of radiation exposure will not endanger human health, but excessive radiation exposure will cause irreversible harm to the human body, these radiation will penetrate our body, penetrate our cells, destroy cell structure, damage DNA, so as to cause disease, cancer, death.Radiation sounds scary, but it can be very useful.It is often used in medical diagnosis by the penetration and photosensitivity of radiation. We often say nuclear magnetic resonance uses the characteristics of X-ray.In addition, some radiation has strong penetration, industry also uses X-ray to do industrial flaw detection, dust monitoring.As mentioned above, small amounts of radiation exposure do not endanger human health, so there is no need to worry too much about small amounts of radiation under normal conditions.However, the growth rate of fetuses, infants and children is very fast, and the rate of cell division is much faster than that of adults. DNA is easily damaged by radiation in the process of division, so pregnant women, infants and children should avoid activities with high radiation as far as possible.Chernobyl losses that we can’t estimation and calculation, to prevent such a tragedy again, first of all, the national level to strengthen the supervision of the plant, to shoulder the responsibility of protecting human survival environment, put an end to happen the nuclear leak from the source, at the same time do a good job in the nuclear waste recycling and processing;As ordinary people, we should also understand the source and harm of nuclear radiation, do a good job of prevention and publicity, and protect the health of themselves and their families.