Three recent very popular very popular novels, this is popular all over the network, the plot reversal extremely burn brain

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Hello everyone, I am Xiaomao, and I will choose high-quality and popular classic novels for you every day. I hope you enjoy them.Today, I strongly push three recent very popular novels, this is popular throughout the network, the plot reversal is extremely brain-burning!Let’s take a look.1. “JUST want to retire I was forced to become a general”, author: Xianyu Juntou, 2.85 million words serialized in the introduction: the era of the great Pirate.The sea, the strong destroy the sky and the ground, their respective fighting, is really let a person – not up!I, Lucillo Curlow, 24 years old, have the biggest dream: to live out my life safely!The sword master needs the sword to play his strength. What is the sword master without the sword?But it’s not easy to take the knife away from Kurlow, because he’s so powerful, but fortunately, they’re all fruit powers.Kidd has the ability to manipulate all metals, especially in the magnuman state.But against Curlo, Kidd needed two touches in a row to shake the knife.But that still requires a little bit of stagnation from Mr. Kurlow.And that requires another of Luo’s abilities.His electric shock.Kulow’s pride was covered for a long time, but his face and chest were broken.In a fraction of a second, Lou can replace the weapon.Ronaldo was supposed to wait until Curlo’s power had worn off before using this move, as it would have been safer, but it didn’t seem to happen.2. “The Artist in Purgatory,” by Fireworks, 1.79 million wordsHe opened his eyes and was alive again.But times have changed.The human race fell into death, and the soul became the slave of the gods.This is a world of death;The endless terrors sleep in the eternal night;An endless history of civilization was buried under the sand — and he was the last living man.She was a tall, dark-haired beauty.She wanders through the crowd with a slender wire in her hand.The icy wind blew.Every time the wire was waved, a very thin, very long blade of frost shot out across the horizon, cutting the world in two.Those who besieged were either frozen into ice, cut in half, or frozen into ice and cut in half.”Wow, little sister is really amazing!”The goblin stood on Liu Ping’s shoulder, desperately slapped his hands, his hands were red.3. “the bourne identity”, author: ivy leaves, 3.72 million words after the introduction: an ordinary ordinary civil servants, coincidence back in 1936, looking for underground, tracing Japanese spy, in the great age of the spectacular for the motherland, for national liberation and Renaissance of the contribution of his own, began his legendary life of Shanghai.Ning zhiheng had previously instructed that in case of a firefight, try to shoot at the legs of the target in order to catch the survivors.Ning Zhiheng calculated that he could not wait, and was about to send someone to rush in and start the arrest operation, when suddenly the door of the warehouse opened and two men came out.Ning Zhiheng did not think of the original ready to break through to catch people, but the other side actually sent to the door, he made a catch hand gesture to the sun Jiacheng side.Sun Jiacheng nodded and took a person quietly to touch the past.This issue is over here. If you want to see other types of book list recommendations, click on the top right corner of the attention, I am dedicated to the field of web articles creator “Book tweeter Xiao MAO”, every day to recommend quality works for you.