Who is the murderer of octagonal Fog?

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The murderer of the TV drama octagonal Pavilion fog is Ding Julie and Zhou Yamei.The mystery of octagonal Pavilion is a TV series starring Duan Yihong and Hao Lei, which tells a story of complex emotions among family members triggered by a mystery case.Xuanzhen was killed as a child, the real murderer was never investigated, so the case was shelved, sister Xuanzhu also decided to leave this place.Ding Julie is the director of the local Kunqu Opera Theater.He looks normal.They do not know that he is a transvestite and will be a foreigner.He likes to dress up as a woman, and he’s so twisted.Xuanzhen is strangled alive by Ding Radial strength, Zhou Yamei forges the spot for beloved husband.And He killed Zhu Shenghui for laughing at him.Dingdruid was a pitiful and hateful figure.He is not only not understood by his family, but also laughed at by many people, which makes it hard for him to control himself.Xuanzhen was killed because she insulted the head of ding, resulting in ding head of stimulation, his mental problems, so he killed Xuanzhen temporarily out of control.Finally Zhou Yamei took the initiative to explain everything to Xuanzhu.Nineteen years ago, Zhou Yamei came to the air raid shelter, want to put Xuanzhen away.Did not think of Xuan Zhen is strangled by Ding Radial strength, then Zhou Yamei drags xuan Zhen’s corpse overnight, sink into river course, asperse mist 19 years.During those nineteen years, nightmares followed her.