Wu Lian peak wai 220: barriers after the water curtain, Yang Opened a separate small copy

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Looking at the barriers in front of the four gods are everywhere solemn, the whole body of god source force circulation, which flat ocean, think evil two people as if into a pool of living water constantly touch the shackles in front of the four gods make concerted efforts, and the barriers in front of the old monk is like a trance, the slightest motionless.Lord Mu Yan got Yang Kai chuan Yin and said to the heavenly people behind him, “Why are you watching?Don’t give it to me!”Yang Kai et al immediately received life, have stood behind the four people, driving their own strength, intend to the front of the barriers abruptly lifted a gap, with the joining of heaven and man, the original no action of the barriers, as if there was a trace of spirituality, in the efforts of the people, the gap was opened barriers.The flat ocean separated a part of the source force, turned into a circle of water cover, directly including everyone, and soon entered the fence.Lord Mu Yan’s admiration for Yang Kai grew even deeper. It was not clear whether the three gods knew him, but Lord Mu Yan was very clear that he was able to open the fence entirely because of Yang Kai’s joining, not because of only five heavenly beings joining!When Yang Kai climbed over the fence, his guiding impulse became clearer, confirming his speculation that the shock of the fence was due to the call of something deep inside the fence, so that he could easily break through the barrier.And Yang Kai is not clear, the lack of Shuiling Zhu Yang Kai could not have been through the fence, this can open the fence completely because they gathered together the five properties of gold, wood, water, fire and earth, this is Yang Kai to god, just know the secret.They walked through the fence, not as they had expected, but as the blue water spout was flowing wildly, heading for the deepest place.Gao Gong said to Si Xie and Ping Yang, “Have you ever felt the end of the water dragon?”After all, these two water gods are the only ones present, and in this environment, they are like ducks in water.The two men frowned, looked at each other, and Pingyang opened her mouth and said, “The water dragon is on the move all the time.”Gao Gong looked at Ping Yang and said,” Since we have chosen to venture in, we are all in the same rope. Ping Yang City master should pay more attention!”Obviously, Gao Gong didn’t believe Ping Yang’s story.”Gao Gong, you are right,” said Sixie, “but Ping Yang is not deceiving you. Although you have never mastered the law of water system, you should be able to feel the dark whirlpool in front of you with your spiritual knowledge!”Hear think evil opening, Gao Gong will also put away the heart of luck, originally thought they could get some information, did not expect is waste.Since unable to probe in place, they had to set out to look deeper at the end of the water dragon, what is it!Only this time changed the tianren lineup in front of the thunder, and the God in the rear firmly sitting diaoyutai!Yang Kai with black boss walk side by side in the front, tiger shark in the middle, Chongjiu, Wu Dalang rear.Black armour boss body alert, a sword meaning toward the front of the test, a danger is ready to retreat, compared with the black armour boss walking on thin ice, Yang Kai is very indifferent, as if leisurely leisurely, because the attraction from the depths of the body, let Yang Kai did not feel any danger.For Yang Kai indifferent, black armour boss sniffed, he would like to see the key moment, the new jin Leader can also be so indifferent.Marched dozens of miles, no expected treacherous danger, the water dragon and the whirlpool are all in the clear eye, people protect around the body, along the water dragon and the whirlpool gap has been forward.Until the next second, a dark gray curtain of water appeared in front of everyone, completely different from the original underwater world. The water dragon went straight through the curtain and continued to move forward. When everyone tried to break through the gray curtain, they found that the curtain did not move at all, far stronger than the outer fence.When they are at a loss, the other side of the gray water curtain seems to have suffered a heavy blow, like blowing a balloon, a head of the forward dozens of meters, then the whole surrounding sea waves turbulent, stirred up countless whirlpools.Everyone was shocked, the original effect of the water curtain with fences, is also a protective boundary, even open barriers gap are so hard, now delusional cut water curtain gap, is a fantasy.The way forward for a time came to a standstill, the side of the thought evil suggested: “it seems that the water curtain is also a layer of boundary, stronger than fences, can only go in along the water dragon!”Hearing sixie’s proposal, people began to hesitate, this guy is obviously let himself go to explore the water ah.And the gods have no regard for this, came to let you go through the thunder, and now hesitate?Among the people present, only Gao Gong had two heavenly men, one of whom was Yang Kai, the strongest leader. When Ping Yang and Si Ye looked at Gao Gong, gao Gong had no ink and said directly to Double Ninth, “You go ahead and check, if there is something wrong, immediately withdraw!”Double nine just want to get life, set out, aside of Yang kai but volunteered to say:” adult, or I come!”Gao Gong did not think of Yang open still so speak loyalty, had to open Yang nodded.Yang Kai stood in front of the dark gray water curtain, adjusting his breath, unexpectedly plunged into the water hose, with the water hose directly through the water curtain.One minute, two minutes, five minutes after the past, Yang Kai still did not come back, they have lost patience, I saw the flat ocean is going to let tiger shark to check.Seeing that he wanted to put his daughter-in-law at risk, Lord Muyan said to the crowd, “Just now, we have tried this water curtain. We can only get in with the help of the water hose, but it is obvious that the water hose can only get in and out, so there is no point in sending the heavenly people in. If we really want to get in, why not join us?”The three pingyang men thought over Lord Muyan’s proposal. Indeed, there was no point in letting the heavenly people go in. If they went in too many times, they would all become meat buns and beat the dogs forever.To the end, remember to point a praise to send a good yo, like Momo “Wu Lian Peak”, has ended, you can review the classic yo!Super like to see comments, each will reply, your every encouragement is to update the next more power!This article is for personal entertainment and not for commercial use.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to iron egg read novels continue to urge painting candle, shou Sui then long feast.Happy New Year to you all!