Beijing 2022 has become the winter Olympics with the highest proportion of women participating and the largest number of events so far

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The Beijing Winter Olympics has the highest percentage of women participating in the games and the largest number of sports, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee (BOCOG) said at a regular press conference On Thursday.International Olympic Committee (IOC) spokesman Mark Adams said 45.4 percent of Beijing Winter Olympics athletes are female, and 53 percent of the 109 sports are female.”Encouraging more female athletes to participate is an important strategy of the IOC,” he said.We work closely with the ifS, national Olympic Committees, broadcasters and Olympic Broadcast services to promote gender equality in many nuances.For example, the first gold medal in ski jumping came from the women’s competition, and there were a lot of iconic images.”The games in Beijing, a spokesman for the committee YanJiaRong said that Beijing Olympics new project fully consider equality female athletes participating, new seven events, two for the women’s single, four group projects to mix, only one is men’s single, fully embodies the “Olympic agenda 2020” about the idea of gender equality in the movement of “push”.To further promote gender equality, women will make up no less than 40 percent of boCOG staff and no less than 50 percent of volunteers, yan said, adding that women will be paid equal wages to men in the same positions.At the same time, a safe sports environment will be provided for female athletes and people involved in the Olympic Games. For example, polyclinics in three Winter Olympic villages have been specially set up for women’s consultation and treatment rooms, equipped with professional gynecologists to provide services for women involved in the Olympic Games.In addition, the Olympic education plan for primary and secondary schools has been implemented to provide equal opportunities for male and female students to participate in ice and snow sports.Yang Yang, chairman of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee’s athletes’ commission, who attended the press conference, said 14 of the 19 committee members are women, while seven of the 11 event managers are women.”The Games have gone so well so far and I’m proud of the women who have played such an important role in keeping the games running.”(Source: