Clear and fresh back to rural memory

2022-06-19 0 By

Near the Spring Festival, Qingyuan City Qingqing District Longneck town village culture exhibition hall bustling.Adults and children come to the exhibition hall in twos and threes to visit, becoming a beautiful local cultural scenery line.Several elders in the museum to stare at the neat of traditional rural farming equipment, all of the work experience of decades ago, “take your child to see the old things, is to let them understand elders had to now good to eat much bitter, more to make them understand that now the good life of hard-won”.The exhibition hall is located in the Comprehensive Cultural Service Center of Longneck Town, which was formerly an old granary funded by the town government.The decoration of the museum highlights the lingnan rural architecture style, which is divided into four sections: Lohu Longneck, farming culture, multi-colored Longneck and ancient town xinyun. It introduces the development history, overall planning, intangible cultural heritage culture and ancient village architecture of Longneck town in a comprehensive way.”The exhibition hall is open to the public free of charge, and visitors are encouraged to visit under the premise of personal quarantine.”Longneck town related staff said that the exhibition hall can attract a group of villagers back home for the Spring Festival to visit here, so that they can find the memory of the countryside, find back the life years, a comprehensive understanding of the development of Longneck town.It is reported that at present, Longneck Town is taking multiple measures to stimulate the development vitality of the town, relying on the advantages of local history, culture and natural resources, focusing on the integration of agricultural industrialization and “tourism +” industry, radiating the agglomeration of related enterprises and characteristic industries, and taking the road of integrated development of agriculture and tourism and cultural tourism.In addition to building a rural culture exhibition hall, the town has also built a tourism station, which is planned to open a new window for the revitalization and publicity of Longneck Town, let more people know the characteristics and highlights of Longneck Town, promote the integrated development of the town’s tourism industry, and truly take the road of integrated development of agricultural tourism and cultural tourism.Nanfang Daily reporter He Huan