Former Russian president: “The United States is the source of the virus, I have seen with my own eyes how the virus is created!”

2022-06-19 0 By

Ever since the emergence of the novel Coronavirus pandemic, the United States has been continuously discreditting China in terms of this novel Coronavirus pandemic, trying to create the illusion that “The Virus is made in China and infects the world”.However, the reality has proved to us that, far from being the source of the Novel Coronavirus, China is even more innocent than the US in tracing the origin of the coronavirus.After all, the United States has been known to build biological laboratories around the world for years.According to Russian media reports, the Russian President dmitry medvedev in front of the camera has expressed concern about the biochemical action research gradually increased, because the United States around the country to build several biochemical laboratory, although do not understand these is mainly used for laboratory, but the consistent characteristic of biological laboratory is the opaque “closed”,So there are likely to be some serious consequences.For example, there is the possibility that the laboratory staff may have deliberately created life forms, and Russia argues that it cannot clear that the biological research facilities were also the source of the virus affecting people around the world.Not only that, Medvedev also specially shared their own experience, he said that he had seen with his own eyes how these virus structures are constructed step by step on the computer, he thought that the laboratory can completely create viruses by creating some special structures.Although Medvedev referred only to the virus and not to the Novel Coronavirus, it is not hard to see from the pictures he described that his real intention was to convey the connection between the virus and the Laboratories in the United States.And in the United States just happens to have a person known as the “father of coronavirus”, it is understood that this, a researcher named Barrick, has now mastered the ability to artificially create coronavirus, but also can completely cover the traces of man-made.Barrick created the SARS virus, and the coronavirus he was able to create was indistinguishable from a naturally occurring one, making it impossible to tell whether the virus had come from a lab or was made by humans.As for Medvedev now mentioned the virus maker, and Barrick has a very high degree of similarity, he described the scene is also man-made to create a coronavirus scene, but now Russia has not yet mastered enough evidence.Therefore, it is also believed that Medvedev may be the prototype of Barrick to make a guess, trying to point out that the virus is likely to be “made by laboratory personnel in the United States.”Medvedev aside, of course, even some American scientists agree.Moreover, given America’s track record and style, the conjecture does not spring from nowhere.Therefore, when the US continues to accuse China of tracing the origin of the epidemic, it only increases the suspicion of the rest of the world.Some references: China Youth Network, huanqiu, National Defense Times