MOTOROLA foldable screen patent revealed for the first time!The classic blade design is reproduced, and the crease problem is improved significantly

2022-06-19 0 By

MOTOROLA’s development in recent years is very surprising, especially its products, gradually more people know, also attracted high heat.MOTOROLA’s previous razr foldable screen was impressive to many users. The second generation of the razr foldable screen will debut in 2020, and now many users are looking forward to the third generation of the razR foldable screen.Recently, a Foldable MOTOROLA mobile phone patent has attracted a lot of attention from users, many netizens even speculated that this may be related to the third generation of foldable screen.According to the patent drawings we received, this foldable screen still adopts the clamshell foldable screen design of the previous two generations, but in fact, the screen is designed outside, which gives the feeling of being wrapped by the screen, but it still has the classic wide chin design of the Razr blade.According to the report, the new folding screen will use new hinge technology to further improve the crease problem, while also providing excellent display.It’s worth noting that if you have screens on the outside, then mistouch is a problem, but it all depends on how the product looks.At present, all the major mobile phone manufacturers have entered the foldable screen field, this will obviously become a new direction of mobile phone development, MOTOROLA will be able to share a bigger pie in this area, we will see!