The Perfect Companion, the Middle Elite Dilemma?Chen Shan lived the most tired life, and she finally became an independent woman

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Starring Gao Yuanyuan, Zhang Luyi, Wang Zhener and Wang Yaoqing, the TV series “Perfect Partner” is getting more and more exciting. It tells the story of two couples trying to balance career and family after marriage.National goddess Gao Yuanyuan appearance level is impeccable, she will duty field female elite able to take hold just right, also poke the pain point in the heart of many married women.In the show, the two couples are from middle-class families who own cars, houses and decent jobs, but struggle to balance their careers and families.Chen Shan, the heroine, is the most tired woman in the drama. She not only has to kill all sides in the workplace, but also takes care of the chicken feathers at home.And stay-at-home mother Wu Min’s biggest pain point lies in, she is eager to prove self-worth, but be limited to the kitchen and love, after experiencing tempering and transformation, she eventually becomes an independent woman!For most married women, juggling career and family has always been a myth. How can you have it both ways?You can smile, walk with a breeze, talk business with a strong hand, but go home as a mother, daughter-in-law, daughter.For example, Wu Min used to be a female college student with her own aura, but her marriage changed her fate, from a proud and confident little princess into a messy and depressed housewife.Is it her ease?Is it that she doesn’t want to try?The answer is no. The division of labor in the family determines her role as master.Chen Shan, a powerful woman, has no time for the emotional needs of her husband and daughter, despite her high earning power.Tiao is clever and sensible, And Sun Lei is considerate. In the eyes of outsiders, such a family is also complete and happy, and life is full of flavor.But the family is still Chen Shan’s weakness and stumbling block, she can not like Li Yu can devote herself to work, every day open eyes to deal with the high mortgage and expenses.Without her high income, it meant that the family’s quality of life would plummet and tiao’s future education resources would be limited.When Sun Lei asked why his wife ignored him, Chen Shan’s answer was realistic and sharp: if I don’t work hard to make money, can you tell me where tiaotiao’s training costs come from?It seems that Chen Shan, who is graceful and elegant, actually lives the most tired and hard, her career and family care each other, often breathless under heavy pressure.There are many competitors in the workplace, and my husband complains that I am as tired as a dog. I am not understood and understood, and I struggle in the dark.This is also the biggest problem faced by most middle class families in real life. They have not yet realized financial freedom and time freedom. They have their elders and children, and their firewood, rice, oil and salt are all expensive.The writer Yang Jiang once said that every age in life has its own scenery. Age should be a badge rather than a shackle.The middle-aged marriage is never easy, career family choice has to give up, all things have a clear conscience is good, do not have to be too reluctant and persistent.Only by keeping the heart independent and sober, can we relax in the ups and downs of the years, find the real self, and shake hands with the wind and frost of the world.Dear friends, what do you think of the TV series “Perfect Partner” starring Gao Yuanyuan, Zhang Luyi, Wang Zhener and Wang Yaoqing?Welcome to leave a message!Author: Luo Xiaoke, a mother married to Taiwan, writes about everything in Taiwan, obsessed with all kinds of film reviews.Never forget why you started, and your mission can be accomplished.