Willow forest: cold winter send warm gift light affection heavy

2022-06-19 0 By

Recently, MAO Hongyu, a caring person, sent warm wishes and sincere respect to the workers on the front line of epidemic prevention and control.Interview: The paper-cut calendar sent by MAO Hongyu is designed and made by me personally. I hope that through this small gesture, it can send New Year’s greetings to the frontline staff of epidemic prevention.They give up small homes for everyone, to protect the lives of the people, here, I also wish them health and peace, they are the most lovely people.Since the epidemic prevention and control work began, traffic police and medical staff can be seen everywhere in dongkou Expressway. Together, they have built the most solid safety barrier for epidemic prevention and control and guarded the health and safety of thousands of families.Rd: traffic police Chen Biao thank you very much loving people and epidemic prevention staff care for us, we will make persistent efforts in the future work, continue to carry forward to endure hardship is not afraid of tired spirit of work, completes the migrants trying to register, further enhancing our county epidemic prevention and control of the barrier, to ensure that our county people’s life safety and health.Interview: Song Wenjuan, shift leader of Liulin County Health and Sports Development Center, thanked the warm-hearted people for their warmth. We will continue to strictly guard the prevention and control work to escort the epidemic prevention and control in Liulin.(Reporter: Yang Wen, Miao Hui) Source: Liulin Rong Media Center