Chengdu Xindu District: Digital empowerment, hands on, so that “one-stop” quality services at your fingertips

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Find services, find resources, find experts…Big and small matters related to enterprise quality improvement, now, with a wechat small program can be easily solved.Recently, Chengdu Xindu District quality infrastructure “one-stop” service small program “Quality Benefits Xindu” was officially launched, from “face to face” to “key to key”, more timely, more convenient, more intelligent quality services to enterprises bring more “fingertip” sense of acquisition.As one of sichuan province’s first batch of quality infrastructure “one-stop” service offline pilot, Xindu District has always adhered to “data running” instead of “masses running errands”. Relying on the official wechat public number of Xindu District Market Supervision Bureau as the carrier support, xindu District designed and developed a “quality Benefits Xindu” wechat mini program.”Qi-hui Xindu” is mainly for enterprises, competent departments, technical institutions, quality experts, the public and other five major service objects, through digital means, enabling measurement, standards, inspection and testing, certification and accreditation, quality management, intellectual property rights, brand cultivation and other quality infrastructure service construction,Easily implement “enterprise self-discipline responsibility audits and commitment” “enterprise service requirements gathering and meet” “centralized supply of quality and technical resources” real-time “quality lecture hall tutorial and pored over” “the quality policy and regulations quick” “quality precision push” confidence “dynamic control districts enterprise quality” seven core functions such as, for the enterprise to accurate, convenient and efficient supply of quality.It is understood that the area focuses on a “quasi” word, looking for problems for enterprises, looking for demand.From metrology, standards, testing, certification and accreditation, food and drug safety, special equipment safety responsibility list as one by one, build quality, urging businesses of self-check and timely identify their own quality improvement requirements, help enterprises to set up the quality of the main responsibility consciousness, the formation of “main body responsibility – check list – demand transformation, service tracking, and continuous improvement of enterprise quality improvement construction of closed loop.Through the “Quality and benefit of the New Capital”, the list of enterprise main body responsibility and service items are “published” on the Internet, the enterprise quality responsibility into the commitment system and visual management, for enterprises to control quality problems, quality demand expression, quality problems to provide “problem into demand” channel guidance.This area highlights a “set” word, look for a plan for the enterprise, look for supply.”Quality credit xindu” effective sorting integration standards, metrology, testing, certification and accreditation, intellectual property or other product quality information and internal and external resources public service platform, the chain through the development of market supervision and administration of sichuan province “sichuan and mass flux” quality infrastructure “one-stop” public information service platform, realize intensive supply of quality resources and quality services,It helps enterprises accurately solve quality difficulties and problems, reduces enterprise costs, and provides convenient and quick access for enterprises and law enforcement personnel to supervise.The area seize a “hui” word, for enterprises to provide online and offline no difference in handling.”Quality, hui new capital and strong inspection measurement platform, China commodity information service platform, the sichuan government affairs service authentication platform, such as connectivity, convenience to enterprises, issued a” zero run errands “operation process, for the enterprise accurate outline specific flow chart of quality service items at the same time, also provide use video guide,” hand-on “teach enterprises do, also provide” online “link,80% of quality service items are “linked with one button”, and the service consultation and service demand of enterprises in quality demands can be handled online and offline.This area grasps a “fast” word to provide targeted rapid diagnosis for supervision.To achieve rapid early warning, accurate regulation, “quality credit xindu” innovative wisdom regulation service pack, adopt “a cure, a yard” technology support system, with various special campaigns as an opportunity, will operate the self-discipline guide, cue CARDS, self checking list and letter of commitment by qr code “read” into the mobile phone, palm and convenient operation, solve the problem of lack of regulators, standard, etc,To carry out problem analysis with big data technical statistics, achieve early warning, early investigation, and introduce quality management into the benign track of “know the bottom number, classified supervision, unified standards, accurate supply, convenient service, and continuous improvement”.The area with a full “effect” word, to provide quality training for enterprises to help.In the face of the epidemic prevention and control “big test” for building is not close to the quality of the “cloud”, “quality credit xindu” targeted to technical experts in every field resources together, by video link, real-time to overcome space distance limit, change the traditional pattern of offline training, on-site guidance, to realize “online and offline” technology support,At the same time, it also takes into account the real-time playback and playback of quality training courses, realizing the auxiliary functions of quality policy and quality information accurate sending and receiving, so that the quality technical services can benefit more enterprises in a wider range such as Shuangcheng Economic circle in Chengdu-Chongqing area.Related person in charge of Xindu District Market Supervision Bureau said that the bureau will focus on the development of the three leading industries of rail transit, aviation manufacturing and biomedicine, the construction of industrial ecosystem and the accurate meeting of enterprise needs, quality-oriented and digitally-driven, and constantly deepen the reform of “deregulation and service” in the field of quality.We will continue to improve the efficiency, capability and level of “one-stop” quality service, enabling and enhancing the high-quality economic and social development of Xindu District.