The husband who accompanies wife to give birth, can leave psychological shadow?People who have been there tell the truth

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It is said that giving birth to a child is a barrier in a woman’s life. If she crosses over, she will be in peace and harmony with her mother. If she can’t cross over, she will die at the gates of death.Therefore, many women in order to let their husband experience their own difficulties, feel the joy of the arrival of new life, will require their husband to enter the delivery room to accompany the delivery.In many hospitals in big cities, there is indeed a birth attendant service. However, many people who have experienced it have different opinions about how it feels for men, and some even complain that it is a psychological shadow that they will never be able to erase.Is it necessary for your husband to be present when giving birth?Experienced person said honest Mr Zhang is a treasure father, when the wife is pregnant at the beginning, Mr Zhang booked a private maternity hospital for his wife, because want to experience the precious moment when baby is just born with his wife, Mr Zhang chose the childbirth project in the hospital.In Mr. Zhang’s opinion, it is a warm and happy thing to be present at birth, but he never thought that after experiencing it once, Mr. Zhang’s scalp would tingle when thinking about it, and his mind would be full of his wife’s lacerations during labor and blood on the mattress.As experienced, Mr. Zhang said the person who accompany the birth must have strong psychological quality, but apparently he is not qualified, the thought of his wife delivered the placenta on the side of his feet, Mr. Zhang’s heart was covered with a layer of lingering shadow.Finally, Mr. Zhang said to his chagrin that he now even close to his wife will feel a little afraid, the birth of the picture is always haunted in my mind, no matter how unforgettable.Will those husbands who accompany their wives to give birth leave psychological shadows?Under this topic, many experienced people have expressed their views: @ code name Yinhe: I was there when my wife gave birth. As an accompanying husband, I think my wife is too difficult and great. There is no psychological shadow, but I will love her more and more.@Morgan: Didn’t have the guts to be present for the birth. My wife didn’t let me be present for the birth because she didn’t want to scare me.Sani: Women take their lives to give birth to children, men really should have psychological shadow, if really faint blood what do not go in.I was more nervous than my wife during the birth, but when the baby came out to cut the umbilical cord, I was so excited that my hands were shaking. I felt distressed, joyful and even tearful.What are the advantages of the wife giving birth and the husband giving birth?First of all, the husband accompanied his wife into the delivery room to accompany the whole process of delivery can effectively reduce the wife’s fear during the delivery, relieve the wife’s nervous mood, and the encouragement from the husband during the delivery process can also help the wife to deliver smoothly.Secondly, the husband’s accompanying birth helps to enhance the relationship between husband and wife. Only when the husband sees the pain of his wife giving birth to their child, will he sincerely love his wife and realize the difficulty of his wife giving birth.Later in the marriage, the husband will be more considerate and tolerant of his wife in everything.Finally, witnessing the birth of a baby is an unforgettable experience for a husband. After this process, he will quickly step into the role of father, which is also the beginning of a good parent-child relationship.Accompany wife to produce, can the male leave psychological shadow?In daily life, some accompanying husbands have openly expressed that after witnessing the process of childbirth of their wives, they will have different degrees of psychological pressure, which will even affect the couple’s life and leave a psychological shadow.In fact, the effects of childbirth on men vary from person to person. Some men have poor psychological quality. When they first enter the delivery room, they are more nervous than their wives.This type of man is really not suitable for childbirth, because not only does not help, but will cause trouble for the medical staff.And if the husband has made sufficient preparation for the wife’s prenatal, after entering the delivery room, he has strong psychological endurance, and focuses on how to comfort the wife and how to cheer her up, then the husband is very suitable to accompany his wife in childbirth.Would you choose to leave your husband with your baby?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section!(The pictures in this article come from the Internet, if there is infringement, please contact delete, thank you) Want to know more wonderful content, come to pay attention to the pocket mom love nagging