With the grand Canal just around the corner, will Texas’s development focus shift from east to west

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The rise of Dezhou originated from the Grand Canal, which also contributed to the prosperity of Dezhou from the prosperous shipping of the Grand Canal in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Therefore, the Grand Canal is the root of the development of Dezhou. It can be said that without the grand Canal, there would be no present Dezhou.Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the administrative divisions of Dezhou have been adjusted, and there was even a period when the administrative divisions of Dezhou disappeared. Later, there were many adjustments, especially the adjustment and change of the administrative divisions of Dezhou and Hebei. Since the end of 1989, after the Jiyang Shanghe river was assigned to Jinan, the administrative divisions of Dezhou were finally finalized as the status quo.Texas city center eventually settle in what is now the city scale, and back on the canal DE city, development space is limited, the shandong and hebei delimit canal is bounded way, in the city has changed, so that Texas had enough development space, in the west of the canal area keeps a most of the land, which is now DE city canal streets west of the canal.It can be seen from the above that Shandong or Dezhou have realized the space problem of the Development of German-city area, and only then have they reserved some areas west of the above canal.So the question of where Texas is going, or where it’s going, has been done in advance.However, at that time, because the urban development of the whole country was in a state of waste, the urban area was small, and there was no need for too much space for expansion. Perhaps we did not consider the expansion of urban development space so large now.Today, for the sake of the development of Dezhou, the Association might have coordinated the transfer of Gucheng, Jingxian and Wuqiao to Dezhou. If not all of them, at least a large part of the area near the west side of the canal would have been won over.These days it is almost impossible to adjust, except for a major overhaul of national administrative divisions.The above briefly describes the history and current situation of administrative divisions in Texas.The roots of Texas are in the canal, but the development direction of Texas has to choose to develop eastward and southward because of the canal, especially the eastward development is the mainstream direction. Therefore, we can see the continuous eastward development of Texas in the past 20 years, and tiexi area has also been developing in recent years, but people always feel that it is restricted to some extent.There are plenty of tiesi citizens who may complain, but Texas is a state of development, not one of them.Now the land and houses involved in the grand Canal Project in Dezhou will enter the process of expropriation and relocation after the Spring Festival, and the grand Canal development has entered the substantive stage.The grand Canal project has pulled much of Texas’s eastward focus back to the west.The mainstream of development has not changed, but at least the balance of gravity is not so tilted.But the canal development is very beneficial to the development of the west of Texas, it can be said that the time for the west to take off!The grand Canal development is not only absolutely good for the citizens of west Texas, but also has great benefits for the whole Texas. The grand Canal development is not only the current development scope, but also will be developed in the later stage. In addition, the beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal will be navigable in the future in the medium and long-term planning, at that time, West Texas may reproduce its historical glory.Economic development is of course the first priority for the development of a city, but if a city wants to develop to a certain height, it cannot develop without the support of culture. Cultural development will not bring benefits in the short term, and a lot of funds may be invested. However, in the long run, a city needs the support of culture.Economy and culture are the two main lines of urban development. The economy comes first, and the subsequent culture must follow up. Only in this way can the city have connotation and development potential.At present, many cities have encountered bottleneck problems, which is actually related to the emphasis on economic construction rather than cultural construction. In the future, we must pay attention to cultural construction, as is The case in Dezhou.Texas is rooted in the canal, and the Culture of Texas is the canal culture, which is a main line of The Culture of Texas and also a unique cultural advantage. Only by expanding and strengthening the canal culture can Texas have more vitality and hope.