A chronicle of Spring Festival couplets

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Spring Festival couplets are also called door pairs, spring stickers, couplets, couplets, taofu, etc.It symbolizes joy and happiness and conveys good wishes.On the 30th (or 29th) of the Lunar New Year, every family sticks Spring Festival couplets, which not only adds to the festive atmosphere, but also inherits traditional customs and classical culture. It is a unique literary form in China.I did not expect that writing Spring Festival couplets, a classic folk custom, should originate in Sichuan.It is said that during the five Dynasties period, there was a literary talent is not inferior to the southern Tang Dynasty after Li Yu’s Master of Shu Meng Chang, he was deeply tang habits, like to pair, every year on the first day to write taofu.It was he who left the earliest Spring Festival couplets in history: “New Year na Yuqing, Jia Jie Number Changchun”.It is regarded as the earliest Spring Festival couplets.During the Ming and Qing dynasties, eight-part essay was popular. Those who failed in the exam after mastering the basic skills of couplets made a living by writing couplets for others.So write write, beg couplets more and more people, gradually became a New Year’s day custom.I remember when I was a child, as soon as I entered the Twelfth lunar month, my eldest brother basically had nothing else to do but write Spring Festival couplets.Because at that time there was no current printed Spring Festival couplets to buy, can only write.And ordinary peasant households have no ink, paper and inkstone these cultural people only have things at home, so they would early buy red paper to have a study guy home to ask people to write.My eldest brother is such a person, the whole month, from the beginning, busy to end a lot of the time busy until the eve of their writing their Spring Festival couplets, waiting for their own couplets paste, fire set by the age of, other people’s firecrackers also produced crackling “began to burst, New Year’s footsteps also” chip, chip, step “approach.It was not until later that the printing of Spring Festival couplets became popular that eldest brother became a little quiet.But to be honest, there was a certain loneliness in his quietness.The ancient poem says, “Always replace the old peach with the new peach.” After all, the era has entered the 21st century, with the rapid development of science and technology, it is an inevitable trend for some modern scientific and technological means to replace some traditional things. However, I am a little sad, just on this aspect of modern scientific and technological means,Also in the intangible for the Chinese nation’s excellent traditional culture to carry forward set up no small obstacles, and for the integration of traditional culture and modern science and technology development put forward a very difficult proposition!When I just got married, I separated from my eldest brother in my hometown. I lived in the old house in front of the old locust tree in the central square of our village.One year during the Spring Festival, I bought red paper, but there is no ink at home can write Spring Festival couplets?Realizing that there was still half a bucket of black paint left over from the ceremony, I took another wooden chopstick with some old cotton covers wrapped around the tip.So settle for once!Decades have passed, I still remember very clearly, the door of the door heart write is “poetry and books handed down for a long time, rites and music long.”And it is written in traditional Chinese characters.Unexpectedly, the effect is still very good, the word has a naive dignified old vicissitudes of life, flying white, but also a little calligraphy everyone’s atmosphere.In the past few years since I arrived in Chengdu, I have put my own affairs behind me. The family’s focus is on my granddaughter and grandson. I have enrolled them in various interest classes, including calligraphy and painting.The little granddaughter is also ok, can’t stop bringing home a few awards.Before the Spring Festival last year, our family had dinner together. Our daughter-in-law suggested that we write this year’s couplet by ourselves. She said that she would let me figure out the content, and then sun Girl would write it with a brush.I also think this idea is very good, according to the reality of our home, think of a couplet: “people in Tianfu sichuan food, heart taixing think so close”!I think our family is a cultural family, so I sent this pair of pictures to my wechat moments, asking everyone to check it.Soon, my hometown literary friend Yang Yufeng brother came to the information, he said the “people in tianfu” in the word “in” changed to “ju”, after that, he also from the poetry couplets and the level and rhyme and so on to give me a real lesson, I benefit a lot.It is no small matter. Brother Yufeng is sincere and frank to his friends, serious and rigorous to his studies, and honest to his mistakes.The little granddaughter wrote the Spring Festival couplets posted on the doorstep, this year the whole family in and out of the infrequent look at a few eyes she wrote the Spring Festival couplets, the feeling of happiness is filled in my mind!My second brother is an open disciple of Li Xianting, the godfather of Chinese modern art and a famous art critic. He now lives in Songzhuang, Beijing. Recently, he has been participating in an art exhibition in Guangzhou, and is preparing to hold an overseas exhibition jointly with an art institution.This year is the birth year of my wife, son and daughter-in-law. Three tigers!Fast New Year’s day, I was thinking about how to write the year of the Tiger Spring Festival couplets, suddenly received the micro letter from the elder brother from Guangzhou, he said that know this year is the year of the birth of the three tigers in the home, he wrote a Spring Festival couplets sent over, “a little mind!”I just put the second brother to the Spring Festival couplets basked in the net, the daughter-in-law turned a corner son said their unit with the second brother to write the Spring Festival couplets strong appearance, did not say, take it!”Roses in hand, fragrance in hand”?A few days ago, I saw a piece of news from the headlines, which said that the “Huhu Gives birth to seal” cover News 2022 Spring Festival Special Activity planned by The Cover News “Huhu Gives Birth to Seal” was grandly launched in the Study of Alai in the Western Cultural Industry Center.Tian Xuzhong, Gong Guangwan, Ye Qingconcept, Yang Daixin and Liu Shichong, five famous local calligrapher known as the “five tiger generals” in the field of Grass calligraphy in Sichuan, “cook” a fresh and rich cultural feast for the Spring Festival, free of charge for readers to write fu and Spring Festival couplets.My little granddaughter loves to write and draw. As soon as she heard that there was such a lofty activity in Alai’s study, she dragged me to the Western Cultural Center early in the morning.In order to today’s feast, I also specially made small preparations, last night according to the reality of our home, now compiled a not too neat couplet: “Golden tiger spring ox in, guest tianfu Taihang soul”, horizontal “new Chengdu people”.Miss Gong took advantage of a small empty, I came forward to say their own ideas to the teacher, Miss Gong did not say second words, write.Take home I took a photo to bask in the circle of friends, friends have point praise said good, also said that so good calligraphy is not afraid of like Wang Xizhi write couplets, I smiled and said, “I don’t stick to the gate, stick in the bedroom door!”Laugh to laugh, say to say, this couplet is really reluctant to give up to the door paste, must treasure up!The second brother wrote sent out, we write and not willing to stick, finally I had to buy two couplets to let the son with a little granddaughter to stick to the door.Their little granddaughter’s teacher gave them a winter vacation assignment to experience the traditional culture of Spring Festival, which was difficult for them.To be honest, now the festival atmosphere is more and more weak, don’t let the pendulum, fire, don’t let the set off firecrackers, don’t let the New Year, a string of food and the cost of peace when there is not much difference, so I think let the kids write Spring Festival couplets to stick couplets on the Spring Festival for introduction to begin to experience the charm of a traditional festival, is a good choice!