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In the cold moonlight, a figure rose slowly from the pile of bones.Looking down at his nearly rotting body, and his arm with white bone exposed, Feng looked startled.He clearly remembered that he had been in Lao Wang’s history class for a second, during which the flood of sleep came over him and he fell asleep on his desk.When I open my eyes again, this is what I see.The clouds were low and the ground was covered with mountains of bones, and it was there that he rose.To his horror, his body had somehow rotted away. Through his chest he could clearly see the shriveled gray organs inside and the scratched ribs.Something’s wrong. It’s probably just a real dream.Pa!It doesn’t hurt. Yeah, it’s a dream!The problem is…How the fuck am I supposed to get out of here?!As Feng was meditating, a low roar came from his right side. He turned his head and saw a rotting corpse, which had been lying in a pile of bones, slowly rising from the ground.The carrion’s right thigh bone was mutilated, and before he could even stand on his feet, he heard a crunching sound of bone dislocation, and the living dead performed a sit-splitting seat for him.Feng wanted to give him a high five, but the living dead shrieked and clawed at him with his bony right arm.The startled Feng immediately retreated two steps and escaped the living dead’s bite.But the living dead continued to crawl and creep nearer, their mouths opening and closing as if eager to bite him.”If it was a dream, the details were too real.”He went back two steps and turned his head to see a skeleton hanging from a dead tree behind him. Feng grabbed his right leg bone in his hand.”Defend yourself with your right leg!Say, exert oneself to pull, the skeleton right leg that hangs in a tree is pulled off immediately by him.Looking at the living dead again, Feng took a step forward without hesitation and smashed his leg bone on the head of the living dead.”Cut!”His leg bone broke in his hand after a loud crack.”Osteoporosis was a bit severe before death.”Looking at the hand of the half of the bones, feng Chess can not help but ridicule.Fortunately, there was no shortage of bones in the graveyard, and after replacing them with a dead bone, he once again smashed the head of the living dead.This time, it worked.The living dead began to tremble violently.Through the moonlight he could clearly see a small ball beating slowly like a heart inside the unbroken head of the living dead.The living dead began to tremble as his leg bone brushed against the ball.Feng guessed that this might be the weak point of the living dead, so he raised his leg bone, took aim and hit the orb in the living dead’s head.”Beep!The ball broke, and the living dead were instantly silent, while a strong smell of rancid fumes came over feng, which almost vomited his insides.And so on?Why can I smell? Isn’t this a dream?When Feng qi was puzzled, a speck of red light emerged from the living dead and drilled into his body.Then a torrent of information flashed through his mind.Power Level: Unadvanced Rank Prefix Title: Weak Lineage: Human Lineage Evolution Point: 1/1000 of a point Prefix title Milestone: Weak Prefix title First Milestone: Kill the living Dead, gain the title Evolution point.After viewing the information in my mind, a paragraph of text emerges.What the hell?Suddenly appear in the mind of the narrator, so that feng Chess was caught off guard.But he didn’t want to become stronger as the narrator said. Now he just wanted to return to reality and end this terrible “dream”.Chess:…No, I don’t.Feng dropped his leg bone and turned around to go in the opposite direction.But after a few steps, Feng found that the area to the west was covered by a thick fog, through which numerous ghostly figures could be dimly seen.Listen carefully, you can also hear a staccato murmur, which is very eerie.Feng has never been a shy man, but in order to find out the secret of his dream, he decided not to risk it for the time being and turned and headed east toward the area of the living dead.Until now, feng qi or do not want to admit that he crossed the fact.Just a few minutes ago, he was a handsome and sunny young man, about to graduate and set on his way to a bright future…Or social beatings.But in any case, are better than the present situation, now he turned into a thinking ability of the living dead, extremely ugly, extremely smelly, sealing chess some difficult to accept.He is not through after the sword can fly fairy, immortal, also not beauty inverted stick, harem beauty three thousand, or through into a gold finger but the waste of the start of the family abandoned.But at least the beginning made me look like a person!Looked down at his incomplete body, feng Chess can not bear to look at, a face of disgust.Trying to smell the stench, he almost passed out by himself.It was the beginning of hell.Through into such, feng Chess no stronger power, feel that it is better to die.But the idea is the idea, really let Feng Qi to die, he can’t do it.Now he was desperate to figure out where he was and why he was there.On the way forward, covered with dead bones along the way, step on the sound of “gbam” constantly, Feng chess feet from time to time into the pile of bones, have to waste some energy to continue to move forward.Nearby, dozens of the undead stood, swaying gently in the wind.This scene is very strange, fortunately, his heart quality is very strong, but there is so a bit of tension.He decided to follow the instructions in his head and try to kill a few of the living dead and see what would happen to his evolved self.Approaching the area of the living dead, Feng stopped.As the living dead nearby were very close to each other, Feng tried to attract the attention of the living dead by throwing the bones closer to him for his own safety.The dead bones flashed across the air, falling precisely behind the nearest living dead, making a noise.But the living dead remained motionless, seemingly unaware of anything behind them.Seeing this, Feng was emboldened when he realized that the living dead seemed unable to perceive their surroundings.After picking up a bone and pounding it on the ground to determine its hardness, he took several bold steps forward.At this time, not far away more than ten living dead collective turned around, empty eyes looked at Feng Qi.The deep hiss roar this one after another sounded, they took steps, twist the body to seal the move to lurch.I acutely!Is preparing to kill an earth-shattering seal chess to see this scene, decisively turned around, throw off steps to run.Can not run two steps, only listen to the foot of a bone fracture brittle ring, feng Qi’s body suddenly subsidence.Oh, no!Did not pay attention to the foot of the situation of feng Chess, left leg crushed a bone and stuck into, a time simply can not pull out.Not far away, feng qi was getting closer to a dozen dead people. Anxious, feng pulled his left leg and tried to stand up.But the living dead wouldn’t give Feng a chance. They pounced on feng and began eating his body like crazy.Although do not feel pain, but feng Chess young heart, was hit hard!He ~tui, eat your own kind, son of a bitch!If you can fight alone, you can’t fight in groups.I’m going to die just after crossing over?Next time after reincarnation, please send a novice gift pack.As his consciousness faded, he could vaguely hear a crunching sound in his ears, and at last his eyes darkened….”Pa!”A piece of chalk in the air across a beautiful arc, precision fell on the head of the chess.”Feng, I want you to get up and answer the question, do you hear me?”Lying on the desk of feng Chess immediately opened his eyes, slowly raised his head, everything in front of him is so familiar.In front of the platform, history Lao Wang, with an angry face, is pinching his deskmate, roommate and best friend “Mo Fei” on his right thigh, and his classmates are looking at him in surprise.Even the air seemed so sweet now.I’m back!”Pa!”An eraser hit him precisely on the right cheek, leaving a white mark as it slid.”Seal chess!I’m telling you for the last time, get up and answer the questions!!”Looking at the hand to seize the platform table corner, the platform table slowly raised the history of Lao Wang, Feng Qi no doubt he did not reply, Lao Wang will be the platform table thrown over.He waved off Mofei’s arm, which was still pinching his thigh, and stood up: “Teacher Wang, I’m here!”(Click on the card above to read the full text oh ↑) Thank you for reading, if you feel small series recommended books meet your taste, welcome to give us a comment message oh!Pay attention to the Boys’ fiction Research Institute, xiaobian continue to recommend wonderful novels for you!