Henan Spring Festival Gala the most correct way to open: watch the party, evaluate the program, get the prize, complete the “lucky three”

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Elephant news · Image network reporter Li Chang last night (January 30), “Tiger gives rise to wind in China tide” 2022 Henan Spring Festival party in Henan TV, elephant news client broadcast.After tasting this highly praised “New Year’s Eve dinner”, there are two important and happy links should not be missed — after all, watching the party, judging the program, winning the prize, completing the “lucky three” is the most correct way to open the Spring Festival Gala in Henan province!After last year’s “Tang Palace Banquet” in Henan Province, this year’s much-anticipated Henan Spring Festival Gala has taken the audience to a new level, with every program of the 2022 Henan Spring Festival Gala entertaining them with relish.In the musical Direction of Home, “Henan boy” Wang Yibo sends blessings to his hometown, while singer Zheng Yunlong sings a touching song to explain his deep yearning for home.Indeed, the party takes “home” as the core theme, presenting the special emotion of “home” in the whole party. This musical also makes the audience deeply feel the warmth and beauty of home.While singing and dancing “world well-being” will be “China tide” theme, ci creation, together with the singer lay people wenshan to fashion dance interpretation of traditional Chinese medicine culture, let the audience appreciate the enthusiastic, dreamy visual spectacle, also can see for thousands of years Chinese traditional heritage of the Chinese New Year, and emerging new folk customs of the new era.Netizens were pleasantly surprised to find that the “star content” of this year’s Spring Festival Gala was significantly improved by David He, who “made himself the top stream”.In addition to popular stars such as Wang Yibo, Zhang Yixing and Liu Haoran, the lineup also includes young audiences’ favorite comedy newcomers and popular artists, as well as artists with national stature.Considered by netizens as the “strongest lineup in history” of Henan Spring Festival Gala, the show even surprised the audience.So, in this Spring Festival Gala, which is your favorite show?In fact, watching the gala is only the first step of henan Spring Festival Gala “open way”, there are two steps if you do not know, it is very likely to miss the god of luck.With watching the Spring Festival gala, henan hot strength, Jan. 31 (New Year’s eve) 8, audience, users can login the elephant news client, on the front page of the “power wind tide 2022 Spring Festival evening party, henan, China – one of my favorite shows” popularity boost activities “section, for all the henan gala show video works” popular power “.You can not only “boost popularity” for your favorite program and video on the main page of the event, but also click sponsorship on the details page of a single video.”We should not only have the consciousness of carrying on cultural heritage, but also have full confidence in our culture.”Since last year, “David river” repeatedly with explosive style amazed everyone.I believe that this year’s Henan Spring Festival Gala, there will be many programs deeply touched you.Invite your friends and family to help support your favorite shows.During the event period from 8:00 on January 31, 2022 to 24:00 on February 14, 2022, each audience will have the power to assist 10 times a day. You can search and watch the program video in the event area and click sponsorship.So what do you get out of helping your favorite show every day?The answer is — open the door of luck!When the audience for their favorite henan Spring Festival Gala program for the “popularity power”, they obtained the lucky bag extraction qualification, the more power to draw the surprise lucky bag the greater the possibility.On February 15, 2022 (the Lantern Festival), the “Tiger Generates Wind in China 2022 Henan Spring Festival Party — My favorite program” Popularity Booster Activity “will be broadcast live in the whole process on daxiang News client.At that time, the host and award guests will draw nearly 200 lucky bags by batch through the offline lottery system.It is reported that there are five kinds of blessing bags in this activity, all of which are the most popular fashion products pursued by young people.Exclusively revealed, the second prize inside the fortune bag is the most popular girl dyson hair dryer gift box!So what could be in the jackpot bag?Wait for you to tell me what you’re into.Watch the party, evaluate the program, win the award, complete this “lucky three” is the henan Spring Festival Gala the most correct way to open.I wish you a New Year tiger tiger wind, blessing bag in hand!Click the picture below to vote in the campaign ↓↓↓