Reed Electric Branch IPO meeting, Hubei ushered in 2022 the third company

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Item dry news: January 27, the CSRC announcement shows that, after the 18th issuance audit Committee 2022 11th issuance audit committee audit, Wuhan Lede Electric Power Technology Co., LTD. (ipo) was approved.This is the third IPO company to pass the meeting in Hubei province since 2022, after Dongtian Micro and Chaozhuo Hangke successfully passed the meeting.Leade Electric Technology co., Ltd. was established in July 2007, located in Hongshan, Wuhan, focusing on the professional field of power distribution network operation.This listing, Lead Electric technology intends to raise 475 million yuan, will be used for the construction of special vehicle production base, research and development center, power operation engineering services and supplementary working capital.From 2018 to 2020 and from January to June 2021, The revenue of Leade Is 270 million yuan, 326 million yuan, 404 million yuan and 132 million yuan respectively.Net profit attributable to mothers was 32.79 million yuan, 69.38 million yuan, 90.99 million yuan and 27.88 million yuan, respectively.The history of Reed Electronics is interesting.The two founders of the company are relatives of Chen Wei, the former wife of Wang Songfeng, the current real controller of Reed Electric, and the current wife of Wang Songfeng, who was born in the 1990s.When it was first set up in 2007 as Wuhan Leade Technology Co., it was jointly set up by Chen Wei’s father, Chen Changfan, and Hu Xiangwang, Chen Wei’s uncle, with 90 per cent and 10 per cent equity respectively, according to the prospectus.Until November 10, 2009, Chen Changfan transferred 90% of his equity to Chen Wei at zero consideration.On December 7, 2011, Chen Wei and Wang Songfeng signed the “Voluntary Divorce Agreement” and “Equity Transfer Agreement”.This time, Chen Wei, who holds 71% of the shares, transferred all of his shares to Wang Songfeng for 8.52 million yuan, and Wang Songfeng paid a lump sum of 3 million yuan.At this point, Wang Song Feng became in the electric branch of the real control.A few years later, in May 2015, Wang Songfeng indirectly transferred 5% of the investment amount of LeadedTech to his current wife Zeng Lili. Up to now, Zeng Lili indirectly holds 4.01% of the shares of the company through Minruida.However, in the first feedback of the CSRC to the company, the company was required to explain whether the basis for not identifying Zeng Lili as the actual controller was sufficient, whether there was any circumvention of the actual controller change, industry competition and other issuance conditions or regulatory requirements such as share lock-in.According to the profile, Mr Wang is 15 years older than his current wife, Lili Tseng, who graduated from music school and worked as a director of Reed Electronics for four years, the rest of the time as a freelancer.Wang Songfeng, born in 1976, has a college degree and is currently studying EMBA in China Europe International Business School.Lily Zeng, born in 1991, bachelor of Music Performance at Wuhan Conservatory of Music, has been a freelancer from July 2013 to July 2015, and a director of Leaded Electronics From August 2015 to November 2019. She has been a freelancer since November 2019.In terms of shareholders, Wang Songfeng, chairman and General manager of Reed Electric Co., Ltd. directly holds 28.56% of the company’s shares, indirectly controls 35.44% of the voting shares through the employee shareholding platform, and controls 64% of the company’s voting shares in total. He is the controlling shareholder and actual controller of the company.Leade is a provider of special vehicles, special equipment, special tools, professional services and system solutions for power distribution network operation.It is the first company that independently develops and promotes the series products of bypass operation method and indirect operation method in China, and introduced foreign advanced bypass system in 2009.The main products cover personal protection, electrical shelter, operating equipment, bypass equipment, special vehicles and intelligent warehouse, etc.At present, Leade has mastered a number of core intellectual property rights, and has become the national and industry standard setter of many non-power failure operating equipment in China.In 2018, Reed Electric Division formally entered the field of non-power failure operation engineering service and non-power failure operation personnel training, and now the non-power failure operation service and training capacity has comprehensively covered 33 operations in 4 categories.