What is the effect of enyl pyrazole ester?They work well together and don’t feel tired

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As a vegetable farmers, can be scared of vegetable disease, afraid of their own peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, lettuce and other vegetables get sick.Because once got sick, spend money to buy pesticides to increase the cost of not to say, more exasperated is, spend money may not cure, the effect is not good, a basket of water in vain, chicken fly.It’s irritating, isn’t it?!Are pesticides bad?Or is it resistant?First, we have used the efficacy of enyl pyrazole pesticide for several years, and the bacteria will “advance with The Times”, long-term use of a single pesticide, the resistance of the bacteria will be increased.When we don’t think it’s working, we increase the dosage, which leads to more and more resistance.The end result is that the drug is either withdrawn or taken off the market.However, it is not very easy to research a new drug, which requires a lot of manpower and material resources.How do you make it last longer without increasing disease resistance?Drug rotation and compounding (or mixing) became the first choice, followed by the combination of compounding and rotation, limiting the number of doses, choosing the timing and suitability of drugs.Enyl pyrazole ester is a good compound preparation, that is, enyl morpholine and pyrazole ether ester compound.The drug has higher safety, low toxicity, faster absorption, expanded bactericidal spectrum, enhanced the prevention and control of bacteria, but also delayed the occurrence of bacteria resistance, low cost, good effect.Enyl pyrazole ester has the function of protection and early treatment, low cost, better effect than a single drug, better internal absorption, can have a good control effect on more than 100 kinds of fungal diseases, such as downy mildew of fruits and vegetables, potato late blight prevention effect is very good.Generally 10 days about a spray, continuous use of 2-3 times can be.This is the effect of enyl pyrazole ester, to understand its characteristics and prevention objects in detail, we have to understand the composition of its two fungicides, that is, enyl morpholine and pyrazole ether esters.Two, the effects of dimethomorph, also known as froamol, which, as you might know, must be good for downy mildew.Right, it on grapes, cucumbers, melons and other melons, as well as cabbage, radish and other cruciferous vegetables, rice and other downy mildew effects, but also can be used to prevent and control late blight of potatoes, pepper blight, taro blight, tobacco black shins and so on.It is an internal fungal fungicide, which can protect and inhibit the germ spore germination. It works by destroying the formation of the cell wall of oviomycetes, and acts on all stages of the whole life cycle of oviomycetes, because germs survive in generative cells.The compound property of dimethomorph is good, and there is no cross resistance with benzamide fungicides such as methylfenazol and thiocyanurate, which can quickly kill bacteria resistant to these fungicides to ensure the stable development of efficacy.Three, the effect of pyrazole ether ester pyrazole ether ester is a new broad-spectrum fungicide, also called kailun, with protection, treatment and high permeability conductivity, but mainly to protect, so early use, that is, the disease early use of good drugs, in order to play a protective role.Pyracoester has good efficacy against anthrax, scab, black rot, leaf blight, rust, brown spot, black spot, early blight, late blight, black star disease, powdery mildew and most other fungal diseases.The drug not only has a strong inhibitory effect on the germination of fungal spores and mycelium growth, but also has the effect of promoting the growth of crops, which can be leaf spraying, water spraying and seed treatment, etc., without limitation.The drug due to the protective, readily availability, single role sites, so bacteria resistance to it is faster, it is better to use with other fungicides, such as triadimefon, e listed phenyl ether JiaHuan azole three azole, and dimethomorph, mancozeb, etc., but not with a mixture of alkaline substances and organic silicon high permeable agent, medicinal or reduced in case of the adr.Anyway, acryloxyethyl pyrazole ester is good fungal fungicide, is dimethomorph and pyrazole ether ester by certain proportion distribution of a new type of bactericide, enlarged the bactericidal spectrum, both work in more than 100 kinds of diseases, and delayed the germs of pyrazole ether ester and dimethomorph resistance, safety and efficiency, low toxicity, systemic, better growth promoting effect is good.However, it should be noted that the disease has better protection and early treatment, so it is better to use it in the early stage of disease occurrence.