02.19 plate positive and stocks

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Mining in the plate stock opportunity in qianlong do not use, after seeing the dragon in the field of the trial and or jump in the beginning of the deep, until the dragon in the day of the start of the bright card, and before the regrets of the kang, this is our pursuit, but also has been close to.It’s hard, but that’s no reason to give up!Follow the trend and spend all your time researching the right trend in the market. If you follow the trend, the profits will roll in!The number of new investors in January was 1.324,300, down 3.6% from the previous month. Yi Gang, Governor of the People’s Bank of China (PBOC)Safe: China’s foreign exchange market maintains stable operation Five achievements of Hainan Free Trade Port Construction and Relaxation of market Access Released the Special Plan for the Development of Public Cold Chain Agricultural Products Logistics in the 14th Five-year Plan Issued by the CSRC:Support eligible securities companies in accordance with the law in cross-border business China shipping group sign strategic cooperation agreement with Beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics free trade port in hainan province will set up new plant varieties of agricultural review collaboration center of zhejiang province introduced measures to support development of traditional Chinese medicine industry explore the formation mechanism of traditional Chinese medicine quality is good, cold chain logistics is good!!!!!Promulgated by the China federation of supply and marketing cooperative has the national supply and marketing cooperatives “difference” special type of public agricultural products cold chain logistics development planning “, during the period of “difference”, 600 counties will be built national supply and marketing cooperatives system of agricultural products cold chain logistics center, 100 agricultural cold chain logistics hub base, 200 cities XiaoDe agricultural cold chain logistics center.Concept shares: China Railway special goods 001213, Tielong logistics 600125, Zhejiang East day 600113, 600676 cement price rise usher in good!!After the Spring Festival, cement price range is expanding, by the Yangtze River Delta, pearl River Delta and other places to the southwest, central south and other regions.Just after the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger, some areas along the Yangtze River in Anhui announced to increase the price of cement clinker by about 30 yuan/ton, affected by this, a number of cement enterprises issued price increases notice.Recently, Chongqing, Sichuan, Hunan and other places also announced to increase cement prices.The Yangtze River Delta clinker has gone up two rounds, the highest price adjustment range reached hundreds of yuan per ton, now the cement enterprises in the southwest and other places are also trying to promote the cement price concept stocks: Ningxia Building Materials 600449, Sichuan Jinding 600678, 000789, Huaxin Cement 600801 Beidou Navigation usher in good news!!The National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Finance, the People’s Bank of China and other 12 departments jointly issued the Notice of Several Policies for Promoting steady Industrial Economic Growth.The Circular puts forward requirements for THE BDS in policies on investment, foreign trade and foreign investment, launching major BDS industrialization projects, and promoting the large-scale application of BDS in major strategic areas.Concept stock: Hypergraph software 300036, North Navigation 600435, Unistrong 002383, Kangtuo Infrared 300455 travel plate to welcome good!!Fourteen government departments, including the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance, and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, jointly issued a notice on Policies for Promoting The Recovery of Industries in Difficulty in the Service Sector, and introduced preferential relief and support measures for the service sector.Concept shares: Catering: Lingnan Holdings 000524, Tongqing Building 605108, Jinling Hotel 601007, Quanju 002186 tourist attractions:Jiuhua Tourism 603199, OCT A000069, Tianmu Lake 603136, Huangshan Tourism 600054 Tourism Services: Caicar Tourism 000796, Xi ‘an Tourism 000610, Uxin Tourism 002707, CyTS 600138 Air transportation:China Eastern Airlines 002928, China Eastern Airlines 600115, China Eastern Airlines Logistics 601156 Railway transportation: Tielong Logistics 600125, Guangzhou-Shenzhen Railway 601333, West Venture 000557, Daqin Railway 601006 stock announcement: Zhengyuan Wisdom: has completed digital RMB hard wallet double offline function test technology accumulation East Zirconium Industry:February 18, an increase in the price of zirconium products sales the jubilee technology: be not more than 1 billion yuan of building chuzhou the jubilee polymer project for this reason: to implement the south campus intelligent wine storage center project digital China Chen: advance the winning project in wuxi China mobile PC server: taking a stake in the company clear medical the Hong Kong stock exchange main board listed dow technology:Zhejiang Liming: Acquired 40% equity of Fangzhou Technology to promote automobile tire safety product business. Sunda Membrane: Signed EPC contract of battery grade lithium lithium project. Tori Xineng: Planned to buy back shares of 25 million to 50 million YUAN.Stockholder Gao Dapeng intends to increase its holding of 1%-2% of the company yahuilong: MBL will purchase more Novel Coronavirus antigen detection tests from the company Topstar: proposed 30 million to 50 million Yuan share repurchase Hao Yuan Pharmaceutical: Proposed acquisition of 100% equity of Pharmaceutical source drugs Stock suspension Siyuan Electric: Proposed 1 billion Yuan to set up a wholly-owned subsidiary Delis:Hongda Electronics: the holding subsidiary acquired 6% equity of Zhuzhou Xinci Electronic Ceramics Co., LTD. *ST Weihai: the consortium formed by the company won the bid of about 140 million yuan project. Jinyuan Shares: Reached strategic cooperative relationship with Jinzang Film Environmental Protection in the field of lithium extraction technology.Buy new tao day force a 10% stake in zhejiang ningbo domain handles ten million tons of iron ore Monthly record desai west wei: will focus on promoting IPU04 fast scale production dehong co: to acquire a 60% stake in chongqing’s to grace force China telecom: “east west are” eight big hub node IDC size proportion of 85% at the end of the “difference” performance early rise:Lanhai Huateng: Net profit in 2021 is about 61.64 million yuan, up 18.27% compared to the same period last year.Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission and other four departments jointly issued a circular, agreed to start the construction of national computing hub nodes in eight regions, including the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, the Yangtze River Delta, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Chengdu-Chongqing, Inner Mongolia, Guizhou, Gansu and Ningxia, and planned 10 national data center clusters.At this point, the overall layout design of the national integrated big data center system has been completed, and the project of “East and West Calculation” has been officially launched.In retrospect, on May 24, 2021, the four departments jointly issued the Implementation Plan for Computing Power Hub of the National Integrated Big Data Center Collaborative Innovation System.The demand for computing power is still very urgent in the whole society. It is expected that the annual data center scale in China has reached 5 million standard racks, and the total investment scale is about 500-750 billion yuan according to the investment of 100,000-150,000 yuan per standard rack.”Eastern number and western number” involves 4 cities, 8 provinces, 2 regions and three major telecom operators and other central enterprises, assuming that 1 is about 5 scales.We believe that the “East and West Computing” project will focus on supporting green data center (green energy saving, renewable energy and energy storage), efficient scheduling of computing power (cloud computing), controllable computing power innovation (domestic basic hardware and software, cloud platform, big data analysis) and other innovations.The project will drive the demand opportunities of data center operation and industrial chain in civil engineering, IT equipment manufacturing, information communication, basic software and green energy supply.Focus on IDC operation and telecom operators: AofI Data, Mili Cloud, Data Port, Baoxin Software, Halo New Network, Longyu Fuel, Zhengtong Electronics, Capital Online, Tongniu Information, China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, etc.IDC integration, operation and maintenance: Shenzhen Sunda A, Runjian Stock, Chengdi Xiangjiang, Xinju Network, etc.Green energy saving technology: Kehua Data, Zhongheng Electric, Jiatu, Ymicon, Black Peony, etc.Domestic basic software and hardware: Unigroup, Zhongke Shuguang, Inspur Information, Digital China, China Software, Chengmai Technology, Dongfang Tong, etc.Optical module: Zhongji Xuchuang, Tianfu Communications, Optical library Technology, Bochuang Technology, Huagong Technology, optical fast Technology, new Yisheng, Cambridge Technology, Mingpu optical and magnetic.Risk indicates systemic risk;The industry’s progress fell short of expectations.Pay attention to the market vanguard, insight into the different perspective of the market, follow the market, awe the market!The above is only a summary of personal learning, should not be used as the basis of operation, therefore the operation risk!