After the Spring Festival reception speech

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Bid farewell to overtime to promote writing, welcome to join (website entrance) → official document secretary network (view the website introduction, all kinds of information, what materials need to search!There are tons of free material on the site every day.Today’s meeting has four main purposes. First, I wish you a happy old age. I wish you all success in your work, progress in your career, health and happiness and a prosperous Year of the Tiger.The second is to thank the comrades on duty, through your efforts and the efforts of the whole town people, to achieve the goal of happiness and peace and order;Three is to remind everyone, as soon as possible from celebrating the Spring Festival, visiting relatives and friends out of the state, regroup, ready to go;Fourth, we need to boost our efforts. We hope that all our cadres, with full spirit, accelerated pace and a down-to-earth style, will take immediate action and devote themselves to their work, so as to make a good start to the New Year.Spring is not only the season of germination of all things, but also the season of sowing hope.In the blink of an eye, time flies, time flies, we must live up to the good spring, carry forward the “three forces” spirit, quickly grasp the work.First, the holidays are over, so concentrate quickly.The New Year, work task is very heavy, the idea to quickly focus, state to adjust quickly, in order to quickly recover, mentally excited, nervous, wake up, the ideological work to seize every minute of the sense of urgency, clear conscience historical sense of mission, not people’s sense of responsibility, pays special attention to the key of the year, yet the key year,The formation of a strong atmosphere of riding and speeding up.Second, strict discipline and continuous improvement of work style.The Spring Festival has just passed, a time when discipline is often lax.At present, the most important thing is to seriously work discipline, into the full state of normal work.Superior supervision departments will also carry out intensive supervision, we must not be careless, take it lightly.Third, the task is heavy and the work must be deployed quickly.As the ancients said, “Everything is done beforehand, and nothing beforehand is done.”In line with the principle of early deployment and early results, each village should plan the key work of this year, highlight local conditions, one village, one product, one village, combined with the Party construction, focus on reporting New Year’s plans.The work summary, evaluation, assessment and other work in the town should also be done as quickly as possible. For the work where time waits for no one, it should be done well in advance, arranged and implemented as soon as possible, and the major tasks and key work should be divided and inverted.Second, to anchor the accuracy of key tasks to lay a solid foundation in the face of a myriad of work, each business mouth should not only be good at overall planning and coordination, but also to highlight the key points.We must learn to grasp the key with overall, typical with general working methods, find the correct point of combination and entry point, do not mistake, two promotion.On the one hand, we need to accelerate the construction of key projects.At the beginning of the New Year, issued a call to promote the project war, the project is an important carrier of economic development, is the most direct and effective means to stimulate economic growth.In this sense, grasping projects is the top priority of grasping economic development, is the focus of the focus, the center of the center.On the first day of work after the holiday, the priority is the project.To do everything possible, use all wisdom, in promoting the construction of the project, promote investment and investment more efforts, great efforts, signed projects to follow up, early start, early completion.On the other hand, we will continue to promote rural revitalization.As far as our town is concerned, we must get things done early and act quickly to lay a solid foundation for rural revitalization.First, in accordance with the requirements of unswervingly building “five Beautiful” villages that highlight the beauty of industrial prosperity, natural ecology, civilization and simplicity, joint construction and sharing, and harmony and order in the new era.Build a beautiful village with strong village, beautiful scenery, prosperous industry, harmony and prosperity of the people.Second, we will give priority to improving people’s wellbeing by planning, applying for, and making good progress in this year’s beautiful rural development and poverty alleviation projects, so that people’s sense of happiness will continue to increase.Third, we need to ensure security and stability.Development is impossible without a secure and stable environment.Mainly concerned about the people (land expropriation demolition, subsistence allowances, infrastructure), fire prevention, epidemic prevention, disaster prevention, production safety, two violation control and other issues.Third, with the awareness that the opening is a decisive battle, we should focus on the implementation of the need for governance.There is no shortage of great strategists, but of excelsior executors;There is no lack of all kinds of rules and regulations, the lack of rules and regulations to the letter.The process of implementation is the process of grasping implementation.No matter how wise a policy decision, no matter how grand a blueprint, no matter how ambitious a plan is, if it is not implemented, it will only turn out to be an armchair strategist, a cake in the air.It is not only a work style problem, but also a party principle problem, organizational concept problem, the level of party members and cadres problem, ability problem.First, we must change our work style and implement it.Style is the key to work, style of cohesion, combat effectiveness, image, effectiveness.A change in style requires realism.Should be realistic from these small things, realistic from now on, develop a good style.Seeking truth requires deep, deep to be real.Work in the villages and towns at the grass-roots level should be in-depth investigation and research, truth-seeking.This is exactly what matters in the world. Details determine success or failure.Truth must be constant, constant is real.Sitting in the office reading documents, listening to the report, no, do not be a setter, third setter!Want to grasp for a while, can not remember to loose for a while, also not good, constant must persevere, often unremitting.The process of seeking truth is the process of changing the style of work, the process of thorough and meticulous work, and the process of perseverance and constant efforts.Leading cadres should be good at planning big things, happy to do small things, often do practical things, do more good things.Big things do not happen every day, we should be good at grasping small things, through dissecting sparrows, master the facts, grasp the law.Small things often reflect big truths.If you can’t do small things well, you can’t do big things well.Anyone who has achieved anything starts with small things.Second, we need to improve methods and implement them.Some cadres are busy all day thinking that many things can never be done.At work, the key is to put your strength to the point.Everyone should not only learn to play the piano, but also mobilize ten fingers to play the piano. The key is to concentrate and coordinate, and know what to catch today and what to catch tomorrow, not all at once.To focus on the overall situation, grasp the key, affecting the whole body.Third, the combination of rewards and punishments should be implemented.To grasp the implementation of rewards and punishment, criticism and praise.Praise is motivation, criticism is a greater motivation.To catch a batch of typical, good performance to praise, problems, to resolutely in accordance with the provisions.During the current term of office change, some individual cadres are not at work, have a plenty of wait-and-see, slack mood, some can not sit still, uneasy and so on.I hope that all of you will have the right attitude and treat setbacks and changes in the right way. The more critical the moment is, the more energy and attention should be devoted to your work. We should ensure that our work will continue, that our efforts will not be weakened, and that our passion will not fade away.Fourth, we need to strengthen leadership and implementation.Grasping implementation is a process of leadership, and strengthening leadership is the inherent requirement of grasping implementation.From the main leaders to section-level officials, we should take the lead in implementing our work by example. We should command from the front and take the lead in implementing our work. We should set rules and set benchmarks with our exemplary words and deeds and lead the broad masses of officials and the public by setting examples.Comrades, we must from the strong heart burst into the heart of Thanksgiving, powerful and passion, and integrate the loyalty to write on the job, career, to call forth one hundred times more confidence, coruscate gives tiger tiger angry, promote the spirit of the tigers down the mountain, it’s decisive battle, to start to start to sprint, work work work, again struggle struggle and struggle, efforts to achieve good start in the New Year!