Epidemic prevention science | take delivery, need to fight

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1. No-contact delivery: No-contact delivery is recommended when picking up takeout food, and delivery personnel are informed to place the food at the designated location.2. Do a good job in the whole process of protection: If no-contact delivery is not an option, it is necessary to wear a mask when picking up takeout food, and it is best to wear disposable gloves, or separate hands and bags with paper towels when taking takeout food.It’s best to unwrap the package layer by layer under the protection of gloves or paper towels and throw it in the trash.After handling, remove gloves and wash hands with running water or hand disinfectant.3. Dining advice: Try to cook and bring your own food.If ordering takeout, try to order hot food, not cold food.If possible, reheat the food before eating to ensure it is thoroughly cooked.Pay attention to hand hygiene. Wash hands before eating, after using the toilet, and after handling easily contaminated items.Nanjing Center for Disease Control and Prevention