Father and Son Fight over ‘Four Seas’ Trailer

2022-06-22 0 By

Han Han’s fourth film, directed by Han Han, reveals a father and his son. In the film, father and son often fight against each other, but they are also full of jokes, which will bring you a different feeling.Such as: “you are also the time should wear a watch” Wu Renteng (Shen Teng is acted the role of) voice a fall, generous give son Wu Renyao (Liu Hao Ran is acted the role of) a watch.I thought it was one of the world’s most famous brands, but then a conversation between father and son began: “Close, Relax.The E is a little faded “, “Screw you” and “Ok” reveal hilarious truths.Liu Haoran and Shen Teng, who co-starred for the first time as father and son in Han Han’s new film The Four Seas, have a brief conversation that is full of jokes, especially shen Teng’s “Relax” sentence.The “one after another” approach makes the relationship more like a “bad friend”.This forecast only 15 seconds, uncover the film for the first time oh father and son daily scene, let netizen plaint “didn’t see enough, for long version of the father and son notice fast”, “the immortal father-son relationship models above”, “stories very much looking forward to the” to them, and the audience familiar with Korean humor of perfection in a new forecast, also let a person look for in a film full of.Film “four seas” produced by Shanghai pavilion east industry co., LTD., tells the story of good motorcycle stunt young Wu Renyao (Liu Haoran) hasn’t seen for years with his father Wu Renteng (Shen Teng) again meet, this girl huan ode (Liu Haocun) and her brother’s team and accidentally broke into their lives, young ah yao harvest is a friend or enemy,Is it happiness or annoyance?Will they become famous or will they become famous?Small islands on the Tropic of Cancer and road trips to the most prosperous cities in the south burn their growth and youth.Motorcycle fighting, father-son love, brotherly love, young emotion, road comedy…When these elements come together in Han’s hands, what kind of passionate and watchable young story will The Four Seas be?And how to make the Spring Festival audience relax with unique Korean humor?Directed by Han Han, Liu Haoran, Liu Haocun, Shen Teng, Yin Zheng, Qiao Shan, Zhou Qi, Wang Yanlin starring, Huang Xiaoming, Zhang Yu Hao, Chen Xiaochun, Wan Ziliang, Wu Yanshu, Zhao Ziqi special starring, Feng Shaofeng friendship, 2022 New Year’s day, let us look forward to together.