Fujian, it’s snowing!Tomorrow, there will also be snow

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Some parts of Fujian will give away snow to meet the requirement of free weekend.On February 18, influenced by the strong cold air, the high altitude towns of Ningde Shouning with light snow, freezing rain, Xianyan shouning County appear rime phenomenon (source: @ Fujian Meteorological photo: Wu Jianfeng, Yuan Xiaohao) Ningde Changgang head of the rime icicles (source: @ Fujian meteorological photo: wu Jianfeng, Yuan Xiaohao)Wu Xueping) February 18, affected by strong cold air, more than 1400 meters above sea level Ningde Zhouning Xian Feng Mountain phenomenon (source: @ Fujian Meteorological photo: Zhan Xiangbin) Low temperature forecast Fujian Meteorological Observatory in February 19, 2022 at 12 o ‘clock issued low temperature forecast:Affected by the cold air, the morning temperature is low on the 20th, most of nanping, Sanming two cities, ningde, longyan two cities in the west and the northern part of quanzhou city, the lowest temperature can reach -1 ~ 4℃, there is frost or ice.The main characteristics of this cold air process are as follows:Low temperature duration is longer, damp, cool weather, the province has certain range of temperature drop fujian friends this weekend will be snow and cold squeezed between central and southern weekend two days to heavy rain in most regions have north west has light snow or sleet part mountain roads will be icy roads in a day of rain and snow in damp feeling will strengthen the lowest temperature will appear again in 20 ~ 21 in the morningFuzhou is expected to see snow on Sunday night, according to the meteorological news of Fuzhou, influenced by the southern branch fluctuation and cold air, fuzhou feels wet and cold light rain to moderate rain during the day and night, and the temperature of East Wind force 2 is 12 ~ 6℃. It is expected that the highest temperature in Fuzhou will only be 5℃ tomorrow, which may be the first time that the whole day will be below 10℃ after the start of winter.Precipitation is expected to see snow in The Minhou Lake township Xuefeng, Fuzhou Drum Ling these high-altitude mountainous areas are expected to see tips the recent temperature continues to be low, around the wet and cold feeling is obvious, we should pay attention to add clothes, go out with rain gear.Affected by precipitation, the visibility of roads in the province is poor and the roads are slippery.From 20th to 21st, under the influence of rain, snow and freezing weather, nanping, Sanming, Ningde, northwest Fuzhou, northwest Quanzhou and northern Longyan highway mountainous sections should pay attention to prevent the impact of road icing on traffic travel, driving attention to observe the road situation, to avoid the danger caused by slippery roads or ice.Fujian ningde, fuzhou, xiamen future weather in quanzhou, putian, zhangzhou longyan city nanping pingtan source: weather, mindong daily, China weather net in fujian province and fuzhou weather statement: this article, all peer originator if there are sources of errors or infringe upon the lawful rights and interests of you, you can through the E-mail contact us, we will be handled in a timely manner.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com