Huaiyin key enterprises and projects are developing strongly

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Entering the press assembly site of Jinan No.2 Machine Tool Group, the stamping production line provided by Nissan In Japan’s Kyushu factory is undergoing multinational “cloud” acceptance, and the acceptance personnel in Japan check the operation of the equipment through the real-time live broadcast screen.In the production workshop, the products to be assembled are full of workers are operating in an orderly way, a busy scene.Since the beginning of this year, Ji ‘nan two machine tools and a number of new energy vehicle enterprises have signed a total value of more than 500 million yuan of product orders, celebrating a good start to the first quarter.Located in the huayin yunlu digital trade park, coffee pot, children crawling pad, baking pan, rolling brush, sweeping robot……More and more “domestic goods” around us have entered foreign families through cross-border e-commerce.The park integrates and optimizes resources for cross-border e-commerce enterprises and local high-quality enterprises, and drives local small and medium-sized enterprises to enter the international market.This year, more and more Huaiyin enterprises actively integrate into the new development pattern with the major domestic cycle as the main body and the domestic and international double cycle promoting each other, find the most suitable development path and business development direction, and bloom the surging vitality.The “double cycle” effect reflects the strong momentum of the development of huaiyin key enterprises and projects since this year.With a down-to-earth and responsible style and a high-spirited upward momentum, huaiyin people, who are unequal, unreliable and untardy, started to run early and strive to write the “Huaiyin Story” in the new era with innovation and hard work.Since this year, huaiyin district officer entrepreneurial atmosphere is strong, “Qilu gateway, medical care capital” construction footsteps sonorous and powerful.Up to now, the growth rate of many economic indicators in Huaiyin ranks among the top in the whole city. In January and February, the industrial added value above designated scale increased by 23% year-on-year, ranking the first in the whole city.Behind this data is the “wisdom of Ji ‘nan” industry new highland gathering potential peak in locust shade.In the Huaiyin Economic Development Zone, zhongze Energy (Shandong) Group, which is deeply engaged in energy and machinery manufacturing, also reported good news.Chairman Miao Cuibo happily told reporters that the group recently signed a coal chemical project cooperation agreement with Qinghai Salt Lake Coal Industry, which is of great significance for the development of the group, and the group’s revenue will increase substantially.It is with these breakthroughs and innovations, huaiyin Economic Development Zone this year full-bore tax revenue and “three” enterprise tax revenue is expected to increase by 22% compared with the same period last year.”At present, new breakthroughs have been made in the investment attraction of the semiconductor industry chain in the park. A number of upstream and downstream projects are being docking and landing, and supporting projects such as Jin Baitu Electric Power, Grid Power, And State Grid Shandong Electric Power Emergency rescue big data Center are being accelerated.”Development zone related person in charge told reporters.On the evening of March 25th, Deng Xiaoning, general manager of North Health And Medical Big Data Technology Co., LTD., just finished docking with a group of excellent enterprises in medical care and health. The intention of many enterprises to enter the company made him feel all over.This year, Deng Xiaoning was appointed by Huaiyin District as the long chain of the medical and health industry chain, he admitted that this is an honor is a responsibility.”We are speeding up the establishment of a four-in-one industrial ecological closed-loop of ‘industrial park + industrial digital innovation Center + Industrial fund + industrial alliance’ to help Jinan speed up the cultivation of the world’s leading 100 billion digital health innovation industrial cluster.Northern center industry for a central issue has attracted 11 companies and two national platform, north center industry alliance covers health care data upstream and downstream industry organization, the center industrial park (QiBu District) will start the first phase of construction, in the near future is expected to ‘difference’ final, will carry on more than 100 industrial chain upstream and downstream enterprises,It can attract more than 5,000 innovative and professional talents.”Leave the National Health and Medical Big Data Center (north) and travel south along the Medical Avenue. A vivid picture of the capital of medical care is slowly unfolding:Medical silicon valley area, shandong university international hospital, east ShiErMing eye hospital, and other key projects construction in full swing, and the roar of the machines are busy workers jinan international medical science center from the “roadmap” to “map”, “the province first, the domestic first-class, place in the world” medical science new city is taking shape.This year’s central enterprise headquarters city is also particularly active, characteristic building economy has become a bright spot here.With the arrival of enterprises, the industrial concentration and competitiveness of 66 buildings, such as Greenground Qilu Gate and Shounuo City Light, are constantly improving. The theme buildings, such as Newspaper Building, Xicheng Building and Xicheng Huijin Financial Center, are helping to achieve a new breakthrough in the number of “hundred-million yuan buildings” in Huaiyin.Shandong Digital Finance Industrial Park is expanding its space and upgrading its functions, striving to attract 80 enterprises and manage more than 20 billion yuan of funds.This year, pagoda trees sang a song of rural revitalization along the banks of the Yellow River.On the morning of March 26, Li Xueyou, secretary of the Party branch of Dalizhuang and director of the village committee, was inspecting the situation of film covering in the field. “Lily plants were planted in the village last year, which not only has tourist value but also economic value. It has become a good way to revitalize the countryside.We must make more preparations this year so that the lilies will blossom more beautifully and better!”Simple words are entrusted with the beautiful hope of rural revitalization, a thriving and vibrant rural revitalization blueprint is becoming a reality in huaiyin.With the creation of “Seven stars, nine Beauty and thirteen incense” area, the characteristic agricultural culture and tourism integration brand of “Mill Travel Town · Free Yuqing” is constantly being known to everyone. The construction of wujiapu Street Paddy Flower Garden complex, Rice fragrant Flower Sea 3A scenic spot and other projects continue to accelerate, and the connotation of “Nine Beauty along the Yellow River” in Meili Lake Street is constantly enriched.The historical and cultural resources of Yufuhe ancient stone Bridge and ancient city wall of Lashan Street have been revitalized, and a string of brilliant highlights form a chain of beads, making huaiyin Rural revitalization ecological zone dazzling.The year of 2022 is the first year for the new leadership of Huaiyin District Committee and government to embark on the road of high-quality development of Huaiyin in the new era.Is in innovation and development, accelerate HuaiYin across key period, closely around the “125510” development ideas, according to the area of the 13th congress of outline a blueprint, shoulder HuaiYin bear mission, to act as “xixing” bibcock, be in “optimum” pioneer, full build “qilu portal, the medical city”, to first-class city urban construction of the Yellow River basin center.(Zhang Long, reporter of Our Newspaper)