Liaoning Public Security Bureau: Make every effort to solve hot issues related to people’s livelihood

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“I came from Henan, to Dandong to do foreign trade, just came to the new buy 18,000 yuan mobile phone lost, thanks to the police to find my mobile phone.I will tell my fellow villagers about this and let them also come to Dandong and Liaoning to expand their business!”From dandong city public security bureau traffic security branch police hands took the lost phone, the out-of-towner said with emotion.Gold cup silver cup as common people’s word of mouth.To optimize the business environment, the provincial public security organs took the public reputation of the people and enterprises as a barometer, and made every effort to solve hot issues in the areas of people’s livelihood, so that the people and enterprises can feel more secure and comfortable in their work and life.In 2021, the provincial public security organs will maintain a high pressure crackdown on crimes related to food, medicine, environmental protection and other fields closely related to people’s lives, and make every effort to protect people’s “bite of safety”.The provincial public Security Department organized the provincial public security organs to carry out a one-year “thunder” action to protect agriculture and grain, and severely cracked down on crimes such as the production of set brand, infringement and counterfeiting, illegal addition, and passing off substandard products as qualified ones.Dalian Public Security Bureau successfully broke up two gangs producing and selling fake and inferior chemical fertilizers, and seized more than 30 brands of fake and inferior chemical fertilizers, weighing more than 700 tons. The total amount involved in the case was nearly 30 million yuan.Liaoyang Municipal Public Security Bureau cracked a case of producing and selling fake brand liquor, seizing more than 30,000 bottles of fake brand liquor, worth nearly 100 million yuan.In 2021, the provincial public security organs investigated more than 2,700 criminal cases of “food and drug ring”.The provincial public security organs have formed an effective deterrent effect on the whole society by severely cracking down on illegal and criminal activities in the field of people’s livelihood, and effectively safeguarded the safety of food, drugs and ecological environment.Overloading, drunk driving, all strictly check!Provincial public security organs continue to promote road traffic accident prevention work of “reduction and control”, and have successively deployed and carried out special rectification actions such as drunk driving, engineering transport vehicles and vans, and highway “two violations”. In 2021, a total of 62,000 cases of drunk driving, 11,000 cases of drunk driving, 360 cases of passenger cars and 113,000 cases of truck overload were investigated and dealt with.Especially investigate “100 tons king” seriously overloaded truck 3746.In order to effectively “cure traffic jam”, last year, the province formulated and issued the “Provincial Urban Road Slow block and Smooth Comprehensive Control Work Guidance Program”, at the same time, the remote visualization of fast road traffic accidents of 115,200, an average of 5 minutes to disassembly accident site.Strict road inspection + convenient service, the provincial public security organs take practical actions to create a safe, orderly and smooth traffic environment for people to travel safely.The provincial public security organs continue to strengthen the work of mass prevention and control, fully implement the working mechanism of “public investigation docking” and “police and civilian joint investigation”, vigorously promote the construction of smart security and control community, and develop a total force of mass prevention and control by 1 million people.Offline, mass prevention and control forces in the urban grid to resolve all kinds of conflicts and disputes;On the line, the network police everywhere “encircle block”.According to statistics, in 2021, the province detected 141 criminal cases of infringing citizens’ personal information, captured 501 suspects, seized 53 “insiders” in finance, education, telecommunications, real estate and other industries, and confiscated more than 59 million pieces of citizens’ information, effectively safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of citizens.People’s livelihood is not trivial, branches and leaves are always related to the situation.Over the past year, the provincial public security organ for, as actively, improve closely around the masses get sense, happiness, security, and from the masses feel strongly about “distress sorrow hope”, carry out “food security liaoning, liaoning, in liaoning” three big action, will strike hard fight, sympathetic YanZhi, especially the people’s livelihood “small case” as a “major” to grasp,Solve the case as soon as possible, pull damage, really let the masses feel the peace on the side.Source: Liaoning Politics and Law editor: Wang Dan Review: Hu Xiaoliang