May the spring breeze blow the bud of hope

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Network Chinese Festival Spring Festival Xu Ke “year”, is the scale of time.With the bell of spring, we bid farewell to the old year and usher in the New Year of Yin tiger.At this time of China, bright lights, family reunion, the world’s winter Olympics athletes have gathered across the oceans in Beijing, ready to ride the snow field, break the ice burning dream.The year of the Ox, which has just passed, was an extraordinary one. At this important historical moment marking the centenary of the founding of the CPC, we reviewed the glorious course of the CPC and sought out the successful code of “why the CPC can”.Thanks to the hard work and perseverance of the Chinese people of all ethnic groups, we have achieved comprehensive victory in the battle against poverty, and the Long-cherished dream of a moderately prosperous Chinese nation in the millennium has come true.Under the unity and leadership of the Party, we have weathered the great war, promoted steady economic recovery and got the 14th Five-Year Plan off to a smooth start.In the flying time, we have witnessed China’s space constantly depict a new Height of China, the Olympic athletes courageously strive to interpret unity and struggle……Each wonderful and unforgettable picture Outlines a more indomitable, changing with each passing day, thriving China.Over the past year, we have made a significant contribution to history.The New Year, “let everyone live a better life, we can not be satisfied with the immediate results, there is still a long way to go.”As 2022 begins, the Internet is abuzz with chatter about what a “better life” would look like in their dreams.Is it money, family surplus, serious illness, education, or in the bustling bustling feel more human fireworks, or in the clear water and blue sky can meet with nature, and dream as partners?The expectation of every ordinary person is the best vision of The Times.Along the historical track of completing the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects, we are making solid progress toward the goal of common prosperity, and people’s feeling of “a better life” is deepening. In recent years, after several rounds of “soul bargaining” during the national medical insurance negotiations, many “sky-high price” drugs have been reduced by the cliff, so that people no longer worry about serious and rare diseases.Strengthen the protection of rural teachers’ treatment, so that more high-quality resources more moisten the village children’s thirst for knowledge;Green mountains and clear waters not only make people relaxed and happy, but also let the homesick villagers eat “ecological rice”;National reading has become a national “pleasure” reading, and national fitness has become a trend…Inspiring one’s dreams is like sowing the seeds of endless possibilities.The dream that inspires a nation, when it comes to the golden autumn harvest, will surely bring fragrance bursts.In the past year, we have had years to look back on;Facing the future, we have more prospects to go.The bell of the New Year has rung, and a new Chinese time will ring in the song of triumph.With the best wishes for the New Year and the future, make strides to pursue your dreams.May the sun pave the way, warm as before;May the warm wind of spring blow over my face and open the bud of hope.The taste of happiness in the Chinese New Year