“Qiu Jiangling: Starting from Dachang” 06: Do it again

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Article/Qiu Jiangling · Chongqing Wanzhou editor/Yufu · Tianjin Hedong take the initiative to attack, keep improving, simplify the complex, the three simple truth, but qiu Jiangling teacher interpretation lively.In particular, the shooting theory of “do it again” seems to be a little ambiguous, but in fact it is telling the truth and giving people a lot of enlightenment.In the education section to do training for teachers, said several views, smug.”Let’s get it done” — Shooting theory Colleagues often come to ask for advice: can something be done?How to do?(” f * * k “is the all-purpose verb in the local language.) I usually reply,” F * * k it!”Action is the most important thing to do. Do not sit and talk about things.You don’t have to wait until the conditions are ripe, you don’t have to wait until you have certainty.How do you know if it will be successful or not?Take shooting a gun. If you keep aiming and the bullet doesn’t go away, how do you know if the shot is accurate?Shoot, aim, and correct when you miss.”Strive to do a little better than others” — The success of jajangmyeon theory is not complicated or mysterious.I ask my staff, strive to do a little better than others in a certain aspect, a certain link, a certain point, you may succeed.For example, there are thousands of local noodle shops with mixed sauce, but only wanxian noodle is famous.In fact, “Wanxian noodles” may be just a little bit better noodles, may be just a little bit of ingredients, may be just a little bit of technology – just a little bit better than other shops do a little bit of a small aspect, then the achievement of “Wanxian noodles” fame.”Follow the common practice and be simple” — To speak Chinese, to study, to do research and to do articles, we must follow the common practice and be simple.To be vulgar is to speak human language – to speak what ordinary people can understand.This world does not say the person to say tongue twister of much, take the western dialect that half understand not to understand to frighten the person of much, use difficult and difficult difficult to say of professional terms mystify much.From simple, is to turn complex for simply run the theme, “deep” is pedantic, “shallow into deep” is stupid, “shallow into shallow” is an idiot, “simple” is the ability.The so-called “a good song can be sung, a good poem can be understood”, simplifying complex issues and popularizing theoretical issues, that is the great skill.Note: The original title of this article, “A good song is easy to sing, a good poem is easy to understand”, was changed to “Make it again” when it was published in The Three Gorges Metropolis Daily in 2014.Qiu Jiangling, “60 male”.Researcher of Culture and Tourism Commission of Wanzhou District, Chongqing.Member of Chongqing Writers association.He used to be a middle school teacher and teaching and research member. Many achievements have been awarded by municipal (provincial) government and education Commission. He has published more than 20 teaching papers in national and provincial journals.For many years, he served as a representative of the municipal and district people’s Congress and a member of the Standing Committee of the District CPPCC.Willing to road, longer than with notes of interest, literature and history in university journals published many local history papers, the “three gorges dance” and so on many cultural creative projects be born in the city park plaza, prose anthology “from big prosperous”, in the chongqing morning post dragon frame newspaper “the three gorges literature” “wushan literature” “two rivers and beautiful” and so on newspaper (net) published prose, essays, published dozen,Song “Huang Ge Ballad” (lyrics) broadcast on CCTV “Avenue of Stars”.