These are enough to eat!

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“Look at these dishes, they are enough to eat!””Big ye, yesterday bought today need not buy, za can’t eat don’t waste.”Reporters in the community group, a group of residents yesterday scheduled the arrival of the food, property staff advised the residents have received the food, if there are two solitaire purchase vegetable package in the group please temporarily do not solitaire, so as not to cause waste.At 8 o ‘clock on March 27, the first delivery man appeared at the gate of the community.The vegetables he sent were commodities bought by the property group. The Courier sent the vegetables to the epidemic prevention shed set up by the property at the gate of the community. Then the property staff drilled into the shed and called the residents one by one against the list to get them.At 9 o ‘clock, the eggs bought by the property group arrived and were sent to the quarantine shelter like vegetables.We are busy, and the vegetables bought by the owner of small and medium-sized supermarkets in the community have also arrived, 169 yuan full of a big box, tomatoes, baby vegetables, cabbage, green pepper, carrots, green Onions, ginger, garlic and so on.At noon, Gridchang opened the event of 120 yuan vegetable bag, residents who had not bought the vegetable bag last time began to buy it again.Grid chief said that during the special period, they may not be as free as before, but they strive to ensure everyone’s basic life, “we work together to overcome difficulties together.”Yin Weiwen, China JI ke APP reporter/photo