They are damned cute for making fools of themselves on camera

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Tonight on “Chase the Light!”Officially closed, not to tell the sisters, this program from the beginning of the south wind stage (stamp here: did not expect the beginning of the stage was fired, do hurry up) has squatted to the finals.Chase down the whole season to see both high fire and blood, a head said that I am right.Twenty-one light chasers from different ages and fields are truly funny, sincere and fearless.As the witness and companion of this journey, every brother of South Wind is worthy of us.Tonight’s grand final duo show you are also full of energy, passion on this stage, really wonderful, not just talk.Zhang Weijian Han Yu with the stage cooperation “true hero”, staged martial arts and street dance dream linkage, especially Han Yu in Zhang Weijian head pull that a few times I simply terrified, a will hide a dare to stamp.In addition to their absolute sense of trust to each other, there is a high level of tacit understanding out of private practice.If the south wind is not wrong, Han Yu first stage performance Zhang Weijian has been silently staring at him, After Han Yu stepped down Zhang Weijian silently moved to the next to Han Yu, open the Lao mode in the background to learn the dance.Double National People’s Congress show for the first time “high below” be them two to complete together, Zhang Weijian reproduces day great saint Sun Wukong name scene, south wind so far impression is deep, finally this cooperation also is brothers two have a beginning to finish.From the tacit understanding of two people with the completion of the whole dance, directly exploded, real human high-quality stage is no more than this, I also saw five six seven eight times.Zhang Weijian appeared to win full marks in advance to lock the annual “the strongest chaser” seat, of course, finally get this honor is also him.Nan Feng put aside his childhood filter, what I see is that he tries his best to show himself in every public performance. Whether it is spiritual infection or excellent business ability, Zhang Weijian is worthy of taking a flower road.Three public stage “Alone on the West Floor” Zhang Weijian is willing to be the background board of the whole process did not open voice singing, but the achievement of a beautiful Peking Opera heritage stage, a few sketches on the stage, a lifetime rong Ma inside flavor has come out.One second he’s a senior, the next he’s a teenager.But in order to take care of Han Yu, who is afraid of heights, Zhang weijian said: “As long as we can fly, no matter how high or how low it is, our life will try to take off.”Say he is a big senior, he has no senior AIRS, say he is not long old urchin, he can take care of everyone in the team.Zhang had so many moments of brilliance in the show, which made him shine even more.The overall feeling from tonight’s grand Final duo show was surprise after surprise.Wu Zhenyu, who is not good at dancing, joined professional dancer Zhang Aoyue on the stage to perform “Ordinary Gentleman”, which is wu’s new song.See their combination I have for Wu Zhenyu knead sweat, and then see him and Zhang Aoyue dance Flamenco, mom, looking forward to son.Two walking subwoofers, with their silky dance steps (big brother is not unfamiliar with the feeling of HHH), the South wind had a feeling of watching a play, hard love.My eldest brother Wu Zhenyu is a professional actor, but he always surprises me with his stage ideas.Last time I led the studio to perform “Drunken Boxing” stage directly let me see leng, water drum, drunken boxing, too beautiful, wanton river’s lake panoramic view.From the first issue I have expressed the love of Zhang Aoyue, but this elder brother has been too low-key, can sing will jump a skill.Before the cooperation with Wu Jianhao “I Do” challenge high altitude show shocked people, others participated in “Chasing the Light!”They were probably in some acrobatic show.All right, let’s get back to the final duo show.Yang Zongwei Yang and Su’s “Double Yang” song “Actually No” broke the heart of people, what is the saying, the most afraid of rapper singing love songs, Yang and Su you don’t sing the heart to you.A public Yang and Su and Zhou Xiaoou cooperation of the first “open the door of the world”, I am now in the single cycle, a very quiet song, every time listen to all could not help but tears, singing ability did not have to say, direct opening kneel.The final stage, xiaoou zhou and good brothers, pray for you the original song old bones, old elder brother son at the scene of the “old bones” combination of in situ formed, rock old cannons meowed YiBaZi support, hurry up to get offline.True brothers for decades, on stage and off stage tacit understanding.The lyrics said to slap, Sha Baoliang slapped zhou Xiaoou on the bald head, is really hit, can also hear the kind of ring.I mean, you two should have been in a group by now.(Not that they can’t sing. They’ve followed the light all the way up to now, but it doesn’t matter how it turns out.For themselves, the current score means nothing, they do not need these to prove themselves, they are already a “light” pursued by many people.In this journey of chasing the light, the light chasers established a deep brotherly friendship with each other and witnessed the process of growth and transformation of each other.With the exception of Zhang Weijian, the year’s “strongest light chaser” just mentioned by Nan Feng, the performances of other light chaser on the show are also commendable, and it is really hard for the audience not to be attracted by their mature male charm.Zhou Xiaoou is the strength to sing we all know, but the elder brother took things too hard (no, cross out) a public stage will try to dance, as a result, laugh pulled, a public left the explosion of electric leakage robot laugh name scene.My brother tried his best, but he didn’t seem to.Others are “move up”, Zhou Xiaoou limbs are not coordinated as if being punished to practice high leg ha ha ha ha ha, many sisters have also said that there is brother dance circle powder, Zhou Xiaoou: there is connotation to.Although it is very funny but can also feel that the elder brother is seriously learned, and Zhou Xiaoou was afraid of heights, but stage design and hanging pressure link.When the rehearsal zhou Xiaoou still beat back, formal stage hanging up when he is the highest.It may be hard to know what kind of inner struggle he went through to overcome his fear of altitude, but the result is that he leads his team to the perfect stage and gives us a visual pleasure.Another big brother, Wu Zhenyu, is also a dancer. Once Nikun told him she wanted to see him dance, Wu Xinshu Jinyu said, “I’m a dancer.”Back minute dozen face, often practice dance practice to pull up hair, words put this, the next happy comedy person without Wu Zhenyu I don’t see.Wu Zhenyu knows that it is difficult for him to do as well as others, and the final presentation is also ridiculed by everyone as the 2.0 version of egg dumpling and shredded pork, but we can see the process of brother’s efforts to go out of his comfort zone and challenge the limits of his body.We saw Wu Zhenyu dance harvest happiness, is also real, there is no saying brother dance bad.(I dare not behind two public three public final collective show stage, we are not difficult to see that eldest brother has silently progress to keep up with the pace of everyone, the final double show or stunning a lot of children.Ho, never thought that Wu Zhenyu can also let me experience the happiness of cultivating the department.From zhou Xiaoou at the beginning of the stage to feel the warm gentleman Wang Xi, one heart has a stage on the disco dream, pour is not he likes hi, actually is the daughter likes to dance but he can’t keep up with.He wanted to tell his daughter through the program, although he did not love to dance but can go to try, I hope to be proud of my daughter.Ideal plump reality bone feeling, Wang Xi entered rehearsal room hands and feet is not his, naked eye visible stiff ha ha ha, the face of the capital rejected, true · old disco in service players.When he turned into a wild disco boy on the stage, the bass rap really surprised me, even though the dance movement is not so coordinated, but the whole body is glowing.When I first saw Shang Jiu-xi come to this show, I thought he would swim round. I’m sorry to be presumptuous.Three public stage Shang Jiuxi fast mouth rap “Ne Zha” the whole network out of the circle, from talker to rapper, this speed is Yang and Su’s mouth to see also have to say fast degree.If it wasn’t for the subtitles, my brain wouldn’t be able to follow his mouth.Grand final collective show stage and Wu Jianhao Wang Xi challenge trio “wish”, still nine xi in sing jump aspect of theoretical knowledge may not have other professional sing dancer so rich, brain brain son buzz of the fundamental don’t understand like extremely high number of me, still nine xi: they seem to say what alien language.But really to the stage, shang Jiuxi this person can, even if there is no understanding of his whole will be able to ha ha ha.After three public festivals, each studio collaborated on a micro film to pay tribute to the hero. Yang and Su, two rappers, made their first attempt at acting, but their acting was mocked by the whole Internet: “Great performance, don’t do it again next time.”Real smile pulled, this session of net friends or, as always, lack of virtue, a little face do not give someone else.If Yang and Su were to cross over into showbiz, it would be like having one foot cut off by a netizen as soon as they stepped in hahahahahahaha.Although they make fools of themselves on the show, they are so cute that people say “help”.Although they do not always try to get the most perfect results, but in this journey of chasing the light, they dare to “crazy” to revive the youthful morale, interpretation of the true meaning of chasing the light.From the divergence of individual charm to the establishment of male group image, from the breakthrough of individual ability to the awakening of collective consciousness, they partner with each other and strive to move forward, and each performance cooperation is the accumulation of their cohesion and the witness of burning group soul.Wu zhenyu’s Three Five studio had a rough start, finishing at the bottom, with Qin Fen and Jiang Chao leaving the team.In line with the principle that cannot let a brother leave again, Wu Zhenyu Chen Chu born Ni Kun three people launched a Jedi counterattack.(Because any brothers would have to disband their studio from Sangong’s “Drunken Master” to the final collective show “Mohe Dance Hall”, every time the three of them cooperate, they are amazing people out of the circle stage.From the artistic conception to the story, from the whole to the details of the polish, is too worth watching repeatedly.Although Oh Jin-woo is slower than others in singing and dancing, we can always trust Oh Jin-woo’s stage creativity.”Mohe dance hall” The south wind has seen a cry once, the eldest brother’s eyes play too absolutely son, Chen Chusheng’s voice ear can listen to pregnancy.We look at Wu Jianhao’s 6 times the speed of light studio side, they from the beginning of the difficult team, looking for Zhang Aoyue Zhang Aoyue chose Zhou Xiaoou, looking for Nikun Nikun chose Wu Zhenyu, their favorite players have become rivals ha ha ha, silently love Wu Jianhao for a second.Although 6 times Light speed was in some ways “forced” to team up, the fact that they won the title of “Strongest Studio” proves that they chose each other right along the way.Brotherly friendship deep as the sea, someone is responsible for singing, someone is responsible for jumping, and someone is responsible for funny output, group soul this aspect 6 times the speed of light has not lost.Two public when they chose to “Suzhou River”, Wu Jianhao do not understand, Xu Zhixian did not hear, Dimasi is straight call: I am too difficult.So other people will accompany them to review the “Eight Hundred”, explain to them unfamiliar historical stories, and finally present the magnificent stage, the solemn and stirring appeal straight through the heart.Three public song xu Zhixian heard “flying” a hug wu Jianhao’s neck, how, the child want to?Wu Jianhao: The election is over.(Across the screen to hear Xu Zhixian laugh haha, wu Jianhao know Wang Xi xinxin want to full stage after the original intention of disco, he said the next to receive any song are dance-based, disco, purr purr parents really good 6 times the speed of light is true, a warm.Moreover, as the team leader, Wu Jianhao was responsible for every player’s movements with all his heart and created the episodic memory method to help them remember movements, just like an old father with a family worried. He controlled the clothing, music, stage and lighting himself.Along the way, share weal and woe, who said strong twist melon is not sweet, “I” Wu Jianhao the first to disagree.We see from them the courage and fearlessness of mature men, as well as the loyalty and responsibility of mature men. Every time they convince themselves to step out of their comfort zone, they are not for themselves, but for the team and brave for their brothers.Every tear is a deep emotional resonance.Twenty-one light chasers in this journey of chasing the light, they unconsciously become the light in each other’s lives. Maybe the stars are dim, but when they gather together, they are extremely dazzling in the dark night. They are the most dazzling light.During the program, South Wind repeatedly asked himself: What is a light chaser?It is probably this kind of brave breakthrough on their body, dare to challenge, fearless, regardless of the place of the spiritual core that goes all out, knowing that some things are impossible but still go all out to try to finish the high burning moment, your person inadvertently the sort of blood boiling “bright”.Chase the Light!From November 20th every Saturday 20:30 youku, Dragon TV, cool meow, BaiV TV synchronous broadcast, the final has come to an end, but do not worry, even if revealed the plot of the final will still chase very happy.Watching the finals in one breath, it’s not too happy family ~ ~