Time flies, years of waste, my whole life only miss you

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Think of you, is a song lyrics of time, read you, is a tianya distance.Full of feelings surging in the heart, who saw the tears turned around.The face of the wind away the worry and sadness, and leave the warmth in the inadvertent memories, full.Wind roll residual flowers, for who disdained on the sky, ying Ying Acacia, for who to retain the sensational sad?Empty sorrow twilight, running water years, always the most beautiful scene in the heart.Earth, that glance, burst the banks surging lovesickness, you can not resist the appearance.Go with the flow of the sad, is jiangnan courtyard autumn moon residual regret, miss the habit, can not be abandoned!Often recall jiangnan, there is always the figure in the alley with my dream, April flowers 酴釄, the ancient river, the water smile, in the water in the smoke, shade appropriate.Hidden into the pillow tonight, but after that season, spring rain such as silk after the muddy.Lack of the moon, the dream has been hurt, vertical flying red like rain, recall the temperature is not a complete memory.Youth, discarded in waste.Lack of warm heart, hair is such as yan, thin this messy years.Once ten fingers through the soft, can not touch, that old tenderness, between his eyes, with the qian rain around the hair, the rest of the desolate by the mirror.Go, not get, talk about how to lose, cui luan, you and I end like two distant mountains, destined to this life can look at each other, but can not approach.The ambition of moving mountains and filling the sea, in the secular can not cross the gap in front of, who killed the unyielding will, the sigh of tears, winding into a river.Parting oath is still collected, looking forward to a earth turned upside down, fill the world of mortals insurmountable.Waiting for you to touch the red halo of flowers, re-greeted my eyes in May.Light pink dimple, with ancient bewitch, the lips of qian tired, hanging in the spring of jiangnan.Waiting is still, parting is still continuing, between waking up in the dream, quietly waiting for the sad cry of yinoo.Promise, eliminate the summer heat in July, warm winter snow and frost, looking forward to your return, the secular through.Four seasons, I still miss to have your shore, but things are different, wander together the scenery, but without your old carefree joy.Take the night when the last thick twilight, listen to whispering, murmuring that do not give up sentimentally attached.Empty thin, so after the dawn of your lips pale farewell, wet eyes, overturned the ark of our dreams.Water Mekong, a river apart, become unable to set foot in the distant.Parting is in this may, still have rain knock the curtain that separates the window, and you in the pupil like a curved lake blue, still have the god that I sink to love to coagulate.Fenghe qu courtyard, the place you point to, is the spring lotus swaying in the wind, the seven colors of koi, clustered in the clear water, made you laugh, tender feelings.After you leave, I stay alone in the season of withered sink, such as the horizon of the lonely wild goose, in the wind leaves of the empty mange, turn and circle.Again and again, again and again…One day three autumn, we can convert how many years, that spring, there is rain on our body, more have a hand involved.Fine wind wind around rain, corridor side by side, in the empty between the mountains, stubbornly think, misty rain will warm your life attachment.Did not have concomitant true, only the oath stays with lip, the bank of eyebrow eye, drop a bit lingering, outside the horizon, when do you return?Once joking, in this knot lu does not return, knot a concentric, fine picture of this life.Not greed, not luxury, while in the prime of life, with the son of old, the footprints of life, stay in jiangnan.There are children and knees, sunset, the return of the bluestone alley, a turn under the eaves, there are your smiling face.Jiangnan, is still the mark that you leave, missing is like sink drum, knock every night leave brahman sound.A few years, count your return journey, your dream carrying the constant change, the posture of the cast, will certainly reshape the past life.Rain in succession, spring as old, review of memory, or that piece of beautiful scenery, time, do not fade to your deep feeling full, years sink, scattered between the teeth of the temperature, the heart is like appendix.In the dense drizzle, your hair, if many years ago the soft wave of flocculant roll, in the gentle charm that pull up, reproduce your jiangnan water like character.The winter solstice, the new cold memory of luxuriating green sweep into bleak thin, and if you snow at the beginning of the face, still floating full of desire empty.I use the true feeling caress, give you this season of warm, stick to the present life read, in the four seasons of different scenery in the coagulation in, in the laughing Chen resentment between, pull the smile of the world of mortals!Watch, waiting in the pile of sweet, this life, can not live without you.When jiangnan spring to, in a fireworks march afternoon, see your skilled element hand in dense tea between the ups and downs, together with graceful and restrained and light spirit drunk sweet, the lost time and this life strewn at random in the word volume, picked up one by one.Culture enthusiast, 222, 2.4. 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